5-day tour
For Beginners, For Amateurs, For Anglers, For Family, For Children

3 048 USD
price per trip

only 457.2 USD deposit needed to book
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5-day tour
For Beginners, For Amateurs, For Anglers, For Family, For Children

South tour to the bay Listvenichnoy.

This is a very interesting tour. It can be called and extreme. Our tours are performed on large, high-speed, exclusive, expedition boats. We spend the night in tents, on the banks of coves and rivers. The tour is designed for a group of fishermen, underwater hunters or just tourists. Just focus on this or that direction. The tour will be different, sea fishing, river fishing and fishing in the lake. We provide tents, karematy, campfire, sea spinning. During the tour we will walk around the ocean about 250km. The group sits on the same boat. We have two such boats. That is, we can take two groups.

Day 1

Regarding the tour plan. Tour to the south. 1. We leave on readiness. We go through the bays and noteworthy places. 3 Brothers, Grottova Bay, Salvation, Sarannaya, Starichkov Island, Cape Opasny. According to circumstances, fishing or software wherever possible. We go to the bay Vilyuchinskaya. There in the depths of the bay there is a beautiful lagoon with a waterfall. We set up a camp there, prepare prey on a fire and spend the night.

Day 2

2. We assemble the camp and leave on readiness. We go to the bay fat and sand. at Cape Steep reef fishing. Then we go to the Russian bay and Tikhirka. You can get up for the night in Tikhirka. The bay is beautiful, with three waterfalls and a river, and more or less quiet. We spend the night.

Day 3

3. We assemble the camp and leave on readiness to Cape Kekurny (sea lion rookery). Then we go fishing at a depth of more than 100m. Further, the Pyramid Cape and Listvinichnaya Bay. We go deep into the bay and go into the Listvinichnaya River. We set up camp, spend the night.

Day 4

4. In the morning we go by boat with water cannons along the river to Lake Listvinichnoe. There is fishing and software in the lake and the river. Then rafting down the river to the camp. Overnight stay.

Day 5

5. In the morning walking tour on the beach of white stones. We are going to camp and go out on readiness. Fishing at Cape Steep or in the sea at depth. And a direct transition to Petropavlovsk.

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Targeted species
Alaska pollock
Fishing techniques
Bottom Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing
Types of fishing
Backcountry Fishing
Flats Fishing
Lake Fishing
Nearshore Fishing
Offshore Fishing
Reef Fishing
River Fishing
Shore fishing
Small River Fishing
Boat Specification

Братан 750 Спец.постройка. Эксклюзив.

Boat horsepower capacity:140 hp
Person capacity:12 persons
Length:7.5 meters
VHF Radio
First-Aid Equipment
Life Jackets
Snorkeling Equipment
Take with you
Individual protection from bears
Personal dishes
River spinning.
Sleeping bag.
Splash suit
Warm clothes
Free cancellation before 42 days
Captain speaks English
Catch guaranteed
Beginner friendly
Family friendly
Guide verified
Equipment & Tackle included
Well-equipped boat
Secure booking

3 048 USD
price per trip

only 457.2 USD deposit needed to book
Tour rating0 reviews
People:up to 5
Additional people:2 people, 610 USD for each
Pickup place:Russia, Kamchatka Krai

52°56'12.908"N, 158°41'0.904"E

Shore of Avacha Bay. The place is small.