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8-day tour

In the forests of the region called Guanía, the capital of this region is the city of Puerto Inirida. In one place many rivers merge and flow into the river. Orinoco, one of them is the Vichada River. This is another super beautiful place with a large abundance of giant peacock perches, fish-vampires, piranhas and catfish. The program of our trip is as follows: The day of arrival in Bogotá. You are met by our man at the airport and driving you to a hotel for recreation. Our colleague calls in after you, and we go to the airport in Bogotá. We pass registration for the flight Satena, to get to the region of Guania. The flight takes 1h.20min. on an 80-seat Embrader 170. (Price is included in the price of the tour). Tickets should be ordered 3-4 months before the tour. Upon arrival at the airport Cesar Gaviria (Guanía), we immediately change into a minibus and go to the river, where there will already be waiting for boats. From where we immediately put forward to our camp on the river Vichada. The camp is built of palm trees, and the roofs are covered with palm branches. Upon arrival in the camp, we settle in our houses for 2 people. In the houses there are beds with mosquito nets, there is electricity for charging the cameras. On the base there is a shower, a toilet, a dining room, a laundry room, a refrigerator and a place for spiritual conversations. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared by women from local Aboriginal communities. Meals 3 times a day: chicken, meat, rice, eggs, beans, fruits, vegetables and soft drinks. In addition, you can buy something at your own discretion before leaving the city. The fishing marathon starts at 5:30 am on the 3rd day with breakfast, magnificent singing of birds and a beautiful view from the camp, sharpening the hooks and rituals before fishing. During fishing in the boat there are 2 anglers + guide. Departure for fishing is at 6:00 to 12:00. Lunch and rest until 14:00. Departure for fishing from 14:00 - 18:00. 3-6. day (Peacock bass) Fishing Paradise - 50 or more bites per day, up to 2 hours of hanging out a day, sounds of a clutch, emotions from powerful bites and inexpressible joy from captured trophies. Competitions of teams of anglers. Rest in hammocks and long dialogues about fishing. (Fish vampire) The last 2 days of fishing take place on the Orinoco River - one of the largest arteries in Latin America. Mostly will come across a fish-vampire and catfish. 9. Day Return to Puerto Inirida and the flight to Bogota. Season fishing at this base: September-November: fish-vampire, catfish. December - May: a giant peacock perch, a fish-vampire, catfish, and morocco. Additional notes (important). 1. It is necessary to have a vaccine against yellow fever (document). 2. Arrival in Bogotá one day before departure to Puerto Inirida. Reservation - prepayment 50% of the cost of the tour. The second half of the cost of the tour must be paid a month before the tour. The tour price does not include: ● Alcoholic drinks during the tour. Reserve the best fishing week in your life. Fishing in pleasure - Fishing with FISH.LOVE.CLUB

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Tour details

  • Captain speaks English
  • Catch guaranteed
  • Guide verified
  • Equipment & Tackle included
  • Well-equipped boat
  • Secure booking

This is a private tour. It will be organized for you and your group only.

The total price will be calculated for the amount of people in your group.

The tour can be booked when paid for 3 people minimum.
The tour is 8 days long.
Tour start time cannot be changed.
Tour end time cannot be changed.
4°42'39.559"N, 74°4'19.531"W
We provide transfer from Bogotá.

Fishing location


Targeted species

  • Arapaima
  • Wels catfish
  • Payara (vampire fish)
  • Peacock perch
  • Piranha

Fishing techniques

  • Fly Fishing
  • Heavy Tackle
  • Jigging
  • Light Tackle
  • Popping
  • Spinning

Types of fishing

  • Backcountry Fishing
  • Flats Fishing
  • River Fishing
  • Small River Fishing


  • Free cancellation before 7 days

Boat Specification

  • Capacity

    3 persons

  • Length

    5 meters

  • Number of engines



  • Bed
  • Ice-Box
  • Kitchen
  • Multimedia System
  • Shower
  • Toilet

Guide Information

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Private Tour

up to 10 people