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Puerto Rico fishing trips

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Fishing in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a relatively small island in the Caribbean, located between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and the British and US Virgin Islands. The island has the right of self-government, but is considered a territory of the United States.

As an administrative territory, Puerto Rico includes the main island of Puerto Rico, as well as the inhabited islands of Vieques and Culebra. Regarding the other islands belonging to this territory, there are either nature reserves (Mona Island), or islands to which access is limited (Caja de Muertos and Desicheo).

What kind of fish can be caught in Puerto Rico

The warm, mild tropical climate, uniquely clean, clear water and serious depths attract many kinds of fish to the island, which migrate to the coastal waters or live here constantly at large depths.

Trophy fishing in Puerto Rico consists of:

  • Blue and white marlin;
  • Yellow, yellow, striped and big-eyed tuna;
  • Sailfish and spear fish;
  • Barracuda and hammerhead shark;
  • Wahu (dorado) and various subspecies of mackerel; and
  • Yellow coryphaena and Moscow perch.

Catching small fish in coastal waters and on the rivers of the island is, for some reason, not considered to be serious fishing in Puerto Rico.

When you can catch trophy fish in the waters of Puerto Rico

Fishing in Puerto Rico lasts all year long.

  • From February till April, blue and white marlin migrate near the island, and in the territorial waters of the island, you can find a sailfish and a spearman;
  • From March till June, there is a high probability of catching a trophy mahi-mahi; and
  • sea bass, mackerel and many kinds of tuna are caught here all year long.

But after November, fishing in the waters of Puerto Rico loses its predictability, and this period lasts until February.

Fishing methods

Puerto Rico is an island of volcanic origin. Large (up to 1 km) depths begin near the shore. The following fishing methods are common here:

  • Using a boat that can be rented in advance. Fishing on live bait and artificial bait is popular. Most often, fishermen use trolling, but jigging and classic spinning also provide excellent results.
  • They seldom fish from the coast, but surf fishing (fishing in the surf), as well as classic bottom fishing are also quite successful fishing methods.
  • And in these places, good old classic spinning with classic artificial lures is also effective, but only locals use this method of fishing.

Most local fishermen use trolling gear to catch trophy fish and recommend it to visiting fishermen--those who rent a boat and pay for guide services.

Puerto Rico is currently quite a rich territory, especially in comparison with its Latin American neighbors. Fishing tours in Puerto Rico allow fishermen to:

  • significantly expand their horizons, learn a lot of new, interesting facts about this little-known tourist point on the map; and
  • fish trophy fish, the variety of which is impressive.

Puerto Rico, a “Rich Port”, is waiting for you, dear fishermen.

Latest reviews


we booked the fuul day trip and this was fantastic! captain Humberto and his crew are thу best. 2 huge mahimahi made our day! super!


Slow day fishing but Clery did all he could to catch and gave me a little extra time I will be back and bring my son next time


Had a fantastic time fishing with Luis. His boat and equipment are top notch. We comfortably fished four grown men and could have gone to five or six without issue. Luis is a fantastic guide, he either finds out what is working in one spot, or moves on to another. Could not have asked for a better trip.


The best fishing � trip in my life...The best day of my life!! Captain Felix is the Reel Deal!! 70lb. Tarpon, and if you need to know more than that, you shouldn’t be fishing...


Went out on a guided trip with captain Felix! He was very knowledgeable and friendly and had a great attitude as well! Even though the fish weren't cooperating that morning we did land a nice size tarpon. I will definitely be coming back to fish again with Backwater Tarpon. Thanks!

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