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Fishing in the USA

The United States of America is not a very popular country for those who like trophy fishing, but this country does not need to prove anything to anyone. The huge space between the two oceans is covered with a network of rivers and lakes of natural and artificial origin.

The United States of America is the land of the harsh Great Lakes and the vast rivers of the South, the swampy forests of Louisiana and the impetuous rivers of the Rocky Mountains. Here, the fishing is as diverse as the reliefs and climate of this huge country.

Where to fish in the USA

Fishing in America, for most fishermen, is associated with trophy fishing near the coast of Florida on the Atlantic coast and in the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, it is a great place for fishing. But the waters of the USA are not only rich in fish resources in the South.

For fishing in America, the following locations are typical:

  • fishing can be done in the freshwaters of New England, in icy Minnesota, or in the natural and artificial reservoirs of the East Coast;
  • sea fishing occurs on the coast and off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, not only in the South, but also in the northern part of the country;
  • River fishing takes place in the Rocky Mountains and on the Pacific Coast; and
  • trophy fishing is possible in the Pacific Ocean.

Fishing in America is multi-faceted and diverse.

What kind of fish can be caught in America

In the United States and Canada, there are several types of fish that are not found anywhere else. The most famous of them include: bass, Sunny Fish, American pike and North American perch.

On the coast, fishermen prefer fishing the usual sea fish, as well as salmon, trout and sturgeon which come into the river to spawn.

Fishing methods used in the United States include:

  • spinning (ultra-light gear is preferred);
  • trolling;
  • fly fishing;
  • weighted line; and
  • float gear.

Fishing restrictions in the USA

It is impossible to imagine fishing in America without a license. Documents permitting fishing here (annual and seasonal, general and for a specific fish) can be bought almost everywhere. Nothing can be done without a fishing license. There is always someone who will report you to the appropriate authorities. Fines for fishing without a license in the USA are huge.

There is a “one fisher - one fishing pole” rule throughout the country, regardless of which fishing method is chosen. Each area may have its own fishing rules regarding the size of the fish caught. Most often, American fishermen follow the rule of “catch and release”. They do not eat plenty of fish.

For more information about the details of fishing in the USA, you can contact our managers, who will also tell you about fishing packages, fishing tours, and the services you can hire on the spot.

Fishing in America is fishing for those who want to discover the New World!

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We found Captain Clowers through l and were very impressed! We did a half day fishing trip and had a blast!!! Next time we come back there's no question who we'll be calling for our fishing adventure. Thank you Capt Clowers!


Every summer for our annual family gatherings the one event all the kids look forward to is fishing with Capt. Clowers. It's now been 4 consecutive summers fishing with Alan and he has never failed us. The kids have a lot of fond memories fishing because they are always busy pulling in fish after fish! It doesn't matter if it's Bay fishing or offshore fishing, he knows where to find them and bring them in. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have a great time with friends and catch fish...Peter


Had the best time bay fishing with Captain Clowers and my husband so fun and relaxing like therapy. We caught about 5 different types of fish and we both caught a shark. We let them all go but it was a lot of fun.


Great Skipper! He will put u on the Tuna! Knows his stuff! Very safe Skipper! CC and his deck hand bring me back to my days as a kid working as a deck hand! CC has the network and experience that I would look for in a Charter Capt. Trust me I fish all the time!!


We had a great day. Our Captain took great care of my family! Thank you for the wonderful memories!

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