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Николай К.
Moscow Oblast

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a fisherman with 25 years of fishing experience on the rivers and lakes of the Moscow region. Administrator of the group in VK "Fishing in the urban district of Ozyory" The author of the channel on Youtube Reviews of paid reservoirs / Reports from the fishermen Look for my other tours on this resource (tour with a boat, night tour, weekend tour, etc)
Experience:25 years
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Fishing feeder and bottom gear

If the weather is outside, the time has come to prepare for the trophy specimens! The tour is designed to learn how to catch trophy large bream (or any other fish) with feeder and bottom gear from the river bank. I’ll teach you how to properly equip a fishing rod for fishing, how to cast the feeder and bottom gear correctly, how to choose and attach bait, how to prepare a bait mix and how to securely pull out a large trophy specimen on a feeder or bottom gear. Children under 14 years old and women for free. We will find gear for everyone. The price includes 2 hours of training for 1 fisherman to catch my or your tackle (if desired) Drive along the M-4 or M-5 100 km from Moscow, we meet at the pontoon bridge on the Oka River in the urban district of Ozyory, if you are using your own transport. I can meet with the train to Ozherelye (Paveletsky direction), I can meet from the bus (route 331, Ozyory - Moscow (Moscow (metro Kotelniki)). Transfer cost is not included in the tour, price is negotiable. Payment from the current account to IP and LLC is possible. Fishing reports Search for my other tours on this resource (boat tour, night tour, weekend tour, etc.)
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
Moscow region