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"We are local Balinese, with expert English speaking guides. We organize customers who enjoy sailing, snorkeling, and fishing in Candidasa. They always have fun with us." On the day of the trip, you'll be fishing with Captain Putu. He has been fishing in these waters his entire life and has been in this business for over 20 years. He tries to accommodate his client's needs, so they leave happy and with a lot of happy memories. His motto is, "Always follow the customer's request." As well as fishing, he runs a lot of sightseeing and relaxation tours, which are very popular, so he knows exactly what a happy customer looks like.
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Sailing and Fishing Candidasa

Nothing beats a trip to Indonesia – the beauty, the traditions, and the friendly locals all combine to put it at the top of any traveler’s bucket list. The cherry on top of any vacation here is to book a fishing trip with Sailing and Fishing Candidasa. Owned and operated by Captain Putu, he is a local who has been fishing for decades. He loves to make his customers happy and will do everything he can to ensure you leave with a big smile on your face. They say good things come in small packages, and this is true with the 12’ traditional custom-built boat you’ll be spending the day in. This boat is very typical of the area and offers a smooth ride. There’s enough space for 6 anglers to fish from this boat. World class fishing can be found in the area around The Candidasa. The fish you’ll be targeting include Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Snapper, and more. Pelagic fish should be released after you’ve taken your photo. After spending 2 hours fishing, you’ll take your haul to a white sandy beach, where the crew will cook it for you. Mahi Mahi is delicious and having it cooked fresh will be one of the tastiest meals of your vacation. This trip includes watching the sunrise, fishing, swimming, and spending the day at a beautiful beach. You should bring a towel, your swimsuit, sunscreen, and anything else you’ll need to fully relax on the beach. You’ll definitely want your camera with you. Drinks, fruit, and sandwiches will also be provided. The captain can pick you up from your hotel if you are within a 90-minute drive from the marina. This includes Sanur, Ubud, and Candidasa. This is a great chance to fish with a local, see amazing nature, and relax on a beautiful beach – there is something for the whole family on this trip. Book with Sailing and Fishing Candidasa for an unforgettable day out.
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 24 hours