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Forest Fishing

Your attention is offered a fully landscaped, as well as a guarded area, parking, individual fishing grounds, equipped recreation areas, including barbecue areas. We guarantee our visitors a catch, species diversity of fish species and unique, unique sizes of trophies. In addition, the guests of the reservoir can purchase or rent individual bridges for fishing, gazebos with barbecue, awnings from rain and tackle, or buy ready-made bait and complementary food, rent a barbecue or give the caught fish for smoking. Especially for beginner anglers, a fishing training service is available from a professional fisherman or an experienced instructor of our pond. Fishing is carried out from 6:00 to 21:00, the cost is 500 rubles, the fish is released or paid by weight. Carp, Amur - 300r / kg Sturgeon - 900r / kg Night fishing - only for club members Club member card for 2021 / 5000RUB free admission without restrictions for the cardholder VIP club card for 2021 / 10000RUB, free admission for the owner and discounts on products / services / goods, promotions and compliments from the club Fish over 5 kg are considered trophy and must be returned to the reservoir, if you have an irresistible desire to pick up the trophy or you have damaged it, such fish is paid for at the price of 1000 rubles / kg, sturgeon trophy 2500 RUB / kg Sturgeon over 4 kg is also considered a trophy and must be returned to the reservoir, if you have an irresistible desire to pick up the trophy or you have damaged it, such a fish is paid at the price of 2500 RUB / kg Predatory fish pike and trout cannot be released, payment is made at the price of 650 rubles / kg trout and 350 rubles / kg pike, catfish, pike perch Paddlefish is either released or 3000 rubles / kg If you plan to release fish, it must not be impeded in the cage and must be released within 3 minutes after catching the fish it is necessary to heal with a septic tank (available from the guard) and put only on a soft mat. Fishing is welcomed with a landing net and a mat for fish, predatory fish must not be released, they must be paid for according to the price list of the reservoir.At the end of the season, a record of caught trophies is kept, at the end of the season, the fisherman who caught the heaviest fish and two subsequent trophies are awarded prizes, to fix the weight of the trophy, you must invite administration employee. Trophies are recorded separately for each type of fish. If you do not know what and how to fish, be sure to tell us about it, we will gladly tell the secrets of our reservoir and give a golden key to it. It doesn’t happen that someone doesn’t get caught, it doesn’t happen that the fishing line is cut or the fishing rod is broken. It always bites "Forest_Fishing" - forever! ❤️ Contacts Phone: + 7-910-442-29-98 Website: Instagram: Facebook: https: //www.facebook. com / Vkontakte:
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