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Fly Fishing with World Champion - San River Poland "Grayling Paradise" Sandorado

Fly Fishing Campus "Sandorado" is a new place on the world fly fishing map. Classes for children, students and adults with a fishing rod in hand. The price of the trip includes pick up from the airport and delivery after the trip. Licenses for 5 days of fishing in the catch and release zone. Breakfasts and dinners. Accommodation. Starter kit consisting of 20 flies per person. Care of a guide (Piotr Marchewka - The World Champion in individual competition The FIPS-Mouche 35th World Fly Fishing Championships, 16th – 21st June 2015 at Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina) We catch: Graylings, Trouts, Hucho - Hucho. #FlyfishinginPoland #SanRiver #Sandorado #wSzOKU #FIPS #Grayling #Trout
Duration: 6 days
Booking confirmation: 12 hours
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