International fishing trip booking service

Aleksey П.

Fishing with a professional fishing guide at the Ivankovsky Reservoir.

My name is Alexey. Fishing for me is not just a hobby or a way to make money, it's my life. On the water I spend more than 250 days a year. I am engaged in fishing from an early childhood. First I caught a float, a donkey, then I got carried away with spinning. Active fisherman is an athlete, silver medalist of the League of professional anglers. I catch a lot of traveling around Russia and abroad. I really like to catch a jig, I'm good at catching wobblers. I have a higher pedagogical education, I teach and I myself am constantly improving in fishing craft. Come, half a fish, who can not catch, I'll tell you everything, I'll show it, I'll teach it. If you are an experienced fisherman, come and share our experience, and of course, we have a good fish. At the Ivankovskoye Reservoir I work as a guide for the season 5 from May to October. The boat on which I offer my services is equipped with the latest fishing and navigational equipment. The tires are selected so that you would get the maximum pleasure from fishing. Come all wait!
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 48 hours
Tver region