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Сергей Н.
Samara Oblast

About me
A little bit about yourself. Fishing took a great interest in the age of 8, during this time I was looking for myself in different kinds of catching, I gave preference to spinning, namely jig. I've been fishing for 15 years already. I know the water well. All the summer we live by savages on the island. Wishing not only to fish, but also to rest on the Volga river, mothers of mercy ask, there will be enough space for everyone.
Experience:41 years
Language skills


Fishing with me is first and foremost the opportunity to fish! I will bring you to the proven places, provide the necessary equipment and equipment, and of course, I'll tell you how to catch a large fish. If necessary, I'll take you on a boat from your base. Fishing is carried out on a professional fishing boat, which, first of all, is safe, and also comfortable not only for catching fish, but also for excellent pastime. The Volga is for me a native pond on which I have been fishing for many years. During this time, I have formed a clear understanding of the water area and habits of fish, which gives me confidence in quality fishing.
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 48 hours
Samara Region