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Tver Oblast

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- 48 years, I have been fishing all my life, I grew up on the Volga; - experience of fishing in the water area of ​​Ivankovskogo vpp. 24 years, I never go back without a catch; - the last 11 years I specialize in trolling; - the boat stands in the parking lot of the Diplomatic Corps "Zavidovo" and in Konakovo "Club Frigate" (2 seats); - I spend 5 days a week on water, incl. off-season and winter; - I have in addition to a boat: an air-cushion boat, a quad, a snowmobile; The results of the open water season of 2017 (mid-June to mid-November): - 620 hours of trolling, 1836 pike (max 7.820 kg) and 934 pike perches (max 5,360 kg), all in the water area of ​​Ivankovskogo are caught; - guide services offer the first season
Experience:44 years
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Trolling on the upper Volga, school, master class (Ivankovskoye vsp., Moscow Sea) Tver region

Professional trolling school: training for river trolling and catching for pre-levelers in the entire water area of ​​the Ivankovskoye reservoir, preferably the Shosh region (the smallest number of nets), for a variety - jig, diversion leash, catching asp, perch. Optimum tour duration from 04-00 to 12-00 (8 hours), incl. breaks for rest and bathing. The most productive duration of the tour is from 04-00 to 22-00 with a break for daytime sleep. A professional fishing boat equipped with TE (Trolling Edition) produced by the USA - Crestliner RAPTOR 1750WT TE with a HONDA 150 hp engine, not included in the cost of a motorboat and a motor in tuning, is included 157 000 $, author's work, Comfortable stay on the water: - transparent full awning; - Built-in under-deck refrigerator with a temperature of +5 g. for 50 liters; - bathing platform; - gas grill overboard; - climate control Webasto 3 kW, 6 points of warm air supply; Safe all weather navigation incl. night passages and fog: - windscreen wipers; - Raymarine HD Digital marine radar antenna with a 14-inch Raymarine screen; - imposition of radar conditions on navigation maps Navionics; - a collision warning system on the water; - a marine real-time thermal imager with an image output to the screen of Raymarine 9 inches; - autopilot Raymarine; - a place for the navigator (assistance in control of the water area with limited visibility); - duplicated echolocation; - the boat is officially radiofrequered, the possibility of a lock; Guaranteed safety of the catch: - aerators with oxygen enrichment (100 liters and 50 liters) + 1 aerator for bait; - an additional freezer with a temperature of -18 g. on 40 liters; Accessories: - trolling motor MinnKota Terrova with autopilot and anchor function; - 360-degree viewing system. from HUMMINBIRD; - Silent anchor TALON; - Downriggers Canon DigiTroll 10 with automatic tracking of the bottom relief; - SideVision on the monitor HUMMINBIRD 12 inches; - electric glider coil Big Jon; - 4-channel video recorder and a 1Tb hard disk; - action camera GoPRO in 4K format; - electrical outlets 12V, 220V, 110V, USB; Additional paid services: - Cutting of the catch and packing into vacuum; - cooling or shock freezing on the road; Food: - I will drive to the restaurant; - I will land on the shore or on an island; - we will fry on the boat; Car storage: - guarded parking lot; Tackle: - are provided; - assistance in rigging - possible; Limitations: - no more than 2 fishermen on board, otherwise discomfort when fishing (boat 5,40 x 2,45), 3rd - surcharge 10 000r; - Children and women - you can, but negotiated separately: no toilet, saved vests; - we do not take more than 10 tails a day by trolling, we turn to other kinds of catching; In connection with 08-00 to 23-00 daily P.S. The cost of the tour does not include the costs for the 95th gasoline: - in the trolling mode 10-12 hours the consumption of 25-30 liters for the whole day; - long transitions at the rate of 25-35 liters per hour under the motor; Prepayment of the tour 100%, payment of gasoline costs - after the fact;
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
Tver region