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Fishing in Arkhangelsk

Sea fishing all year round! We provide equipment, gear. We deliver to the place of fishing, as well as tell and show clearly how to properly catch and choose the place of fishing. In Arkhangelsk, fish species such as smelt, navaga, and flounder are popular.  We can meet from the airport, railway. We guarantee a great vacation for the whole family and a good, big catch. And right now, very big catches!
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 1 hour
Arkhangelsk region


Trout fishing is quite a difficult and interesting activity. You can not just go and have no idea and certain skills in this direction of catching. Even if there are all gear, bait, equipment. It is quite difficult to do without certain skills of casting, feeding the bait, choosing the point of catching. Yes it is elementary even what kind of bait to put in this or that time of the year. Now more and more the services of the guide are gaining popularity. So I want to share my knowledge and experience in this rather complicated and at the same time interesting puzzle called "trout"! This spotty beauty lured me back in 2012. Experiments, experiments, sleepless nights, reflections, improvements and the development of new baits began here! I caught this beautiful and strong fish all year round. Many decent trout were caught. Over the years, a tremendous experience has been obtained! Now I have reached the level when I can tell, show and help to catch your treasured trophy!
Duration: 2 days
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
St. Petersburg