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Dmitry K.
Russia, Nenets Autonomous Area

About me
More than 12 years of spinning experience, equipment for rent, training, consultations, secrets of successful fishing and fishing only in fish places. Catching a large pike, perch, yazya and roach! According to an individual agreement fishing nets under the license of salmon, whitefish, pink salmon, vendace.
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Dmitry Kanev. Fishing on the river Pechora.

Fishing on the Pechora River near the city of Naryan-Mar, for spinning, casting, trolling, float gear, ice fishing (mormyshka, blesna) training for beginners. Snowmobile for winter fishing BEARCAT 570 XT. Guest spinnings and coils, for guests original trolling wobblers and various variants of jig baits, mormyshks and baits. Brazier, coal, grate are possible.
Duration: 2 days
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
Russia, Nenets Autonomous Area