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Dmitriy К.
Russia, Samara Oblast

About me
I've been fishing on the Volga for more than 25 years. The last 15 years in the water area of ​​the Vasilievsky Islands and the adjacent water area. The entire "summer" season, from ice melting to freeze-up, approximately from March to December, I catch spinning fish, mostly pike-perch, pike, asp, perch, less often catfish, chub. I give preference to jig fishing. In the winter I catch "bel" on mormyshku, perch on the balancer, pike perch on foil, I put the jiggers on the pike. On fishing almost every day, so I always have the latest information.
Experience:29 years
Language skills

Fishing in Vasilievsky Islands

Fishing with spinning for predatory fish. Basically, the jig on the Volga and Prorva, as well as any kinds of spinning on the Vasilievsky Islands (micro-jig, twitching, flashing, etc.)
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 48 hours
Samara Region