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Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is Anton Fomin. A few years ago, when I was not engaged in gaming, a friend of mine asked me to take him with friends to the Kola Peninsula, catch salmon, trout and grayling. The trip turned out to be incredibly fascinating, and the first clients began to contact me every year for a new portion of fishing emotions. Since the first departure, a lot of rivers have flowed, and I have a professional FFly team and many different directions of fishing tourism for every taste. Our specialty is fly fishing and spinning at different latitudes. In this profile you can find a ready-made tour template or I will make up an individual offer for you and your friends! You can also get advice on the selection of gear and equipment.
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Rafting on the Ugra

Flyers and spinners, especially beginners, often ask where you can go fishing and preferably with a guide, so that he shows really interesting places where it's beautiful, interesting and high possibility to catch fish. There are many fishing camps, but interesting proposals for fly-fishing in the home region for fishing for the weekend are catastrophically small. We decided to create such an offer for fishing by fly fishing and spinning in the Moscow region. It seemed to us interesting the format of the alloy, which gives tremendous opportunities for fishing. After all, it is possible to catch a huge number of promising places on the rafting, which is almost impossible to do by moving along the shore. Together with the National Park "Ugra" a project was created - fishing alloys. The national park is nature, a well-groomed forest, prepared camping sites, the prohibition of boats with a motor. On the territory of the park you will rest as nowhere better within 300 kilometers from Moscow. In order to get to the gathering point, you will need to overcome the way 200 kilometers from Moscow. In the national park you will be met by a guide. We loaded into the prepared car and are thrown upstream. We collect single-seat catamarans, pack equipment and go! Ahead of 2 days of fishing on the river Ugra. The length of the route is 21 kilometers. Throughout the river the river will change its relief, the rolling will be replaced by a succession of islands with ducts, protracted reaches and areas with a calm, even current. The guide will point to promising fishing grounds, suggest a catchable bait and help in the development of spinning and fly fishing techniques. On the route there are stops for lunch. The place for overnight stay is an equipped playground with a wooden table with a canopy and benches prepared by a fireplace. Assembly / dismantling of catamarans, the installation of the camp and cooking are carried out by the participants of the group with the direct participation of the guide. Please note that the price does not include food. The diet is discussed individually with each group! Gear: 1. Fly fishing tackle. Since fishing is predominantly from a catamaran, it is preferable to have a single-handled rod # 3- # 5 and in disassembled condition, a switch or two-handler for rolling sections and long stretches. I use a 3 rd class one-handler with a short-haired cord when catching a catamaran (with a short head, the harness can be made almost to the catamaran balloons) and a 6th-class one-handler with a 12 meter head cord when fishing for wanderings. It makes sense to take with you the rapidly sinking undergrowth, since before the rolling, for the most part, deep pits and most of the beaches have sharp descents to the depth. 2. Spinning gear Group equipment: 1. Single catamarans (for each participant) 2. Kitchen appliances and burners 3. Tableware for cooking 4. 3-person tents 5. Rugs Individual equipment: 1. Vaders or marsh boots 2. Waterproof jacket 3. Headgear 4. Polarizing glasses 5. Sunblock or BUFF 6. Thermal underwear 7. Individual 50ml watermelon is provided with a catamaran 8. Sleeping bag, with temperature characteristics suitable for weather conditions 9. Repellents 10. Knife 11. Fishing tackle We remind you , what private owners, who paid an alloy is provided a one-time discount of 20% in the fishing shop and angler catch chub on the alloy ranging in size from 50 cm and up, we'll give fly rods HARDY JET. See you on the Ugra !!! Due to the fact that the tour takes place 200 kilometers from Moscow, in this tour free cancellation of the reservation is not provided. Booking of the tour is 50% of its full cost. Thank you for understanding!
Duration: 3 days
Booking confirmation: 48 hours
Kaluga region