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Рыбалка в Тайланде. Кхаулак.

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Лучшие рыболовные направления в Таиланде
Khao Lak
The Similan Islands which are just 50 km away from Khao Lak are adored both by sportfishing lovers and amateurs. You will be able to catch Amberjack, Big Giant Trevally, Barracuda and many more. This is an avalanche of emotions you just cannot forget.
Anglers come here for the species that all of them have in the bucket list. In such a picturesque area you have a chance to fight against powerful Poor Man’s Marlin, incomparable Mahseer and giant Snakehead. Secret fishing spots are to be explored.
By many fishermen it is considered to be a greatest big fish spot. Once you come here and have a fishing experience you will remember forever. Barracuda, Black Marlin, Giant Trevally and whole bunch of other species not to be found anywhere else.
A variety of fishing trips and views beyond incredible - no wonder that this part of Thailand is so popular among the anglers worldwide.Tuna, Billfish and Sharks and other top predators inhabiting this area are waiting for you to bait your hook.
This great city has a wide range of different fishing adventures to offer. Here the mighty Arapaima can be found, one of the most desired trophies, as well as Catfish and Snakehead. The feeling of having such a monster on you hook is just second to none.
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Морская рыбалка в Кхаулаке
Deep sea fishing in Khao Lak
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