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A trip of pleasure. to enjoy good wildlife. fishing and hunting of the best examples of the region ..
People: 8
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 8 hours

Fishing for a predator on the Amur River

Many legends and rumors go about amazing Far Eastern fishing. Discover the harsh land with a unique nature and abundance of the inhabitants of the water world. The Amur River is one of the richest rivers in the world in terms of the number of fish species (about 130 species). Here there are several predatory endemics of the Far East: yellow-cheeked, aukha, top-eyed and Mongolian red-ripper, perhaps, the most famous of them. 1 DAY - Pick up at the airport. Departure for fishing. 2-5 DAY - Fishing for a predator. 6 DAY - Transfer to the airport. Departure home. TAGS can be provided by the guide. ADDITIONAL SERVICES: - according to your desire, the fish caught by you can be smoked / wilted (by mail to the address you specify) THE PRICE OF THE TOUR IS INCLUDED: - Guide services - Food - Fuel (boat) THE COST OF THE TOUR IS NOT INCLUDED: - Tickets to the city of Khabarovsk - Alcohol Tours are held in the open water season from May to October. The maximum number of people per one individual tour - two.
Khabarovsk region
People: 2
Duration: 5 days
Booking confirmation: 24 hours


Fishing in the foothills of Putorana Plateau
Krasnoyarsk region
People: 8
Duration: 6 days
Booking confirmation: 1 hour
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Names of the Names

Do you want to catch the Tsar of the rivers - Taimena? Then you really should try your luck, rafting along the river Nimelen. A wayward river with its character. Huge taymeni not just come here, they live here. DELIVERY TO FISHING PLACE Meeting at the airport of Khabarovsk with bread and salt. We stop in the store to buy alcohol, all kinds of buns and go. Next, we leave for the village of Briakan - the nearest to Nimelen aerodrome helicopters. The journey time is approximately 14 hours. Transport - a comfortable car of tourist class ToyotaHiace and Toyota LandCruiser From Briakan by helicopter the group takes off to the point of basing on the river Nimelen. The group flies back to Briakan by helicopter, and drives to Khabarovsk by car. ACCOMMODATION Terms of the expedition, full autonomy. . Accommodation is possible both in the camping, which allows you to camp in the most promising place, and in a more comfortable winter cabin with a stove and a Russian bath. Food for the tour is bought in advance, before departure. Cooking fraternally, and guides and yourself. The composition of the menu, its features and your wishes should be agreed in advance. FISHING It is possible to fish, as during the movement of floating means, and during stops, from shallows or moored boats. Depending on the level of water in the river, you should look for fish in different places, which will prompt experienced guides. Caught fish in the absence of serious injuries, released back. In food, at the discretion of the senior guide, seriously damaged specimens of fish can be used. Movement on the river is carried out on inflatable PVC boats. At the rate of 2-3 anglers per 1 boat. This calculation allows you to move comfortably along the river and fish from the boat. FISHING CALENDAR The best time for fishing on this river is a short period in early May, when the river breaks ice. At this time, and the fish begins to ascend to spawn and you can get to a very good fishing. As a rule, it is this time that we try to catch on the river and recommend our clients as the most likely to catch this trophy It is spawning river, where the shoals of chum salmon and pink salmon come in, which is a good fodder base for lenok and taimen.
Khabarovsk region
People: 8
Duration: 9 days
Booking confirmation: 12 hours
2 700 USD

Full Tide (6 hours)

Connecticut Island Outfitters specializes in fly and light tackle fishing, primarily in shallow salt water along the shoreline and islands off the Western Connecticut coast. The many reefs and rips that form along this tidal area, offer prime fly casting to Striped Bass, Bluefish, and other species depending on the season, such as False Albacore and Bonito. Acres of skinny flats offer anglers the opportunity to sight-cast to fish in as little as a foot of water, and draw ferocious strikes off the surface. There is plenty of storage for your gear, so be sure to pack sunglasses and sunscreen, a jacket, camera, and a snack. There is a cooler with ice for your drinks, and complimentary bottled water on board.
United States
People: 4
Booking confirmation: 2 hours