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Fishing with a guide in St. Petersburg

We invite all comers to the reservoirs of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. You have a unique opportunity to spend a day in the company of professional fishermen Oleg Selivanov, Vyacheslav Lipnevich, Mikhail Fedorov and get invaluable experience of catching pike perch, pike and perch. Comfortable boat NorthSilver Pro 610 fish, modern electronics, the best gear, our knowledge will help you to catch the coveted trophy.
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
St. Petersburg
People: 3
Duration: 12 hours
Booking confirmation: 8 hours

Окский трофей

Exciting and hazardous fishing tour of the Oksky expanses in the area of ​​the city of Murom for the predator of your dreams. You can try your luck on such kinds of fishing as Jig, flashing, twitching, trolling. If you are a beginner and do not yet have your own gear - the guide will be able to train you and pick up the necessary spinning and tackle! Possible hotel reservation and catering services in nature!
Russia, Vladimir region
Vladimir region
People: 3
Duration: 8 hours
Booking confirmation: 48 hours

Yauza pikeperch

There is hardly a guide who knows the Yauzskoe Reservoir better than me. This is not bravado, but reality. I own a unique lot of the Yauzsky Reservoir, which I created in 2015-2016. It is unlikely that there is a more dug-out pond near Moscow, as well as more beautiful and secluded. Come and feel why Yauza is so loved by many of the strongest trumpeters. You will have to catch as hard as from local structures, debris, snags, and exploration of deep-sea brooks with hard areas. Without a catch, it is not possible to stay.
Russia, the Smolensk region
Smolensk region
People: 3
Duration: 17 hours
Booking confirmation: 24 hours
1 000 USD

Fishing in Argentina for the Golden Dorado

© Dorado Adventure offers a unique package of services for all amateurs and professionals of fishing tourism, arriving from all corners of the globe. The package of services offered by us includes: 1. Meeting at the airport EZEIZA upon arrival in Argentina; 2. Escort to the hotel (not far from Retiro), where the room has already been booked without spending the night on "day use" conditions, so you can relax from a long flight, have lunch and take a shower. 3. At 18.00 (after a rest at the hotel) you are taken by car and taken to the bus terminal Terminal de Omnibus Retiro, where together with you we wait for the arrival of the bus, which leaves at 20.00. 4. The luxury bus VOSA SUITE PREMIUM arrives at 05.00 the next day in San Isidro (Corrientes province), located along the RN12 highway. 5. In San Isidro you are met by the owner of Dorado Cu? Lodge, Mario Battiston, accompanied by his staff on two Toyota 4x4 off-road cars. After 20 minutes you are already at the place where spacious rooms of 6x6 meters are waiting for you, a cloakroom, a dressing room, a bathroom, and air conditioning. The hunting lodge has four rooms with a total capacity of eight people. After - you go fishing. There are 4 very comfortable boats 6 meters in length, the power of motors 30 - 40 hp, designed for fly fishing / spinning, each vessel is designed for two fishermen with a professional guide. Fishing is carried out from 07.00 to 11.00. Then follows a dinner in a hunting lodge, daytime rest and regular fishing from 15.30 to 19.30. The place of fishing is 10-30 minutes from Dorado Cu? Lodge. It is important to note that in these parts there are no waves, the water surface is very smooth due to windless weather. Fishing can only be interrupted due to a thunderstorm or heavy rain. Routes for fishing, chosen by guides, are never repeated, unless the client himself asks for it. If you do not have your fishing kit, you will be rented. Each fisherman before the trip sends preliminary information about the trip, so that he could, if necessary, order special menus, medications, etc. If the second person (hereinafter referred to as the "escort") does not want to use the fishing program (let's call him "not a fisherman") - for him there is a special rate for living in a hunting lodge. 6. On the last day of fishing, after dinner, we take you to the station of San Isidro, from where the bus arrives at 22.00, which arrives at the station Retiro at 07.15. 7. At the Retiro terminal you are greeted by our staff who help to get to the airport Ezeiza. On this journey ends.
Аргентина, Corrientes
People: 8
Duration: 3 days, 1.5
Booking confirmation: 24 hours
2 175 USD

Fishing on the channels of Cupid

Travel along the canals of the Amur River by motor boat. Fishing from the boat and the shore for spinning on different types of gear and on different types of fish. Fishing is perfect for beginners and families, as well as for professionals. Outfit and gear in stock.
Russia, Jewish Autonomous Region
Jewish Autonomous Region
People: 2
Duration: 10 hours
Booking confirmation: 12 hours