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Kellogg River Fishing

Krasnoyarsk region

6-day tour: For Beginners, For Amateurs, For Anglers, For Family

Fishing in Siberia! Krasnoyarsk Territory Turukhansky district of the river. KELLOG How to get there? Departure from Krasnoyarsk by scheduled flight to the village of Bor at Podkamennaya Tunguska airport (travel time 1.40 minutes). Overnight at the hotel near the Podkamennaya Tunguska airport. There is also a hotel in the center of Bor with the best apartments. There are 2 options for helicopter departure from Bor: 1. By scheduled helicopter from Podkamennaya Tunguska airport to Kellogg (travel time 1.30 minutes). Allowable baggage allowance is 10 kg; Maximum baggage allowance is 20 kg; Tour Duration 6 days, 6 nights (arrival Wednesday, departure Tuesday). The beginning of the tour from the village of Kellogg. 2. Aircraft rental (cost per 1 hour - 156 thousand rubles). Departure on a rented helicopter from the village of Bor to the place of the recreation center "Cordon" (flight time 1 hour). Duration of the tour is 6 days, 6 nights (by agreement) The main base is Cordon, the location of the base near the Kellog River. There are 4 recreation centers on our site (Cordon, Tundrovaya, Yutorma, Toldoks). The main base is Cordon. At this base is a holiday home with 8 beds, There is also an additional log hut with 2 beds. On the territory of the base there is a bathhouse for vacationers, 2 meters from the Kellogg River. With a beautiful view of the river there is a gazebo for a good rest with meals and evening gatherings. The base is located on a place that is well blown by the wind, thereby reducing the number of insects. Granting routes on the rivers: river.Toldoks, river.Maly Toldoks, river.Chuykika, river.Kachepcha. What is caught in these rivers: taimen (from 5 to 20 kg), pike, grayling, ide, whitefish, perch, etc. I want to note that it is the most beautiful river of Toldoks. The river flows on the left side of the Kellogg River with beautiful high yards and small rapids, the banks of the river are strewn with beautiful fields of flowers. On the river, taimen is well caught, standing under streams that flow into the river. Toldoks Grayling and pike, which stands in quiet places of Toldoksa, are also excellently caught. There is one feature that surprises vacationers: Along the river. Toldoks, there is a place where whitefish is caught for spinning with a special approach for fishing. Many vacationers are very interested. This river leaves unforgettable emotions for vacationers. At the top of the river. Toldoks there is a recreation center for vacationers. See the photo. Small Toldoks. The river is notable for its small width and endless rapids. This river is popular with those who like extreme fishing difficulties, as well as pike and grayling on the river. At the mouth of this river there is always taimen, which is important for fishermen. 40 km from the mouth there is a recreation center Tundrovaya with the best apartments for vacationers. Chuikika River, Kachepcha River. These rivers are the summit of the Kellogg River. There, fishermen can feel the wildness of our nature and an unforgettable atmosphere. On these rivers you can see a deer, an elk and, of course, the owner of a taiga bear And even a wolf, which is rare in our area. Taimen, pike, grayling, lenok (rarely), perch, ide are caught on these rivers. Kellogg River. The river is considered the main, because all the above rivers flow into it. Kellogg is beautiful for its mixed taiga along the banks and the mouths of various rivers, where of course there is a good catch and it is impossible to go around in one tour. Many rivers flow into this river, which I did not tell you about. Also, from this river you can drop into many beautiful and calm lakes. The taimen is legendary and is considered the strongest fish on this river. Pike, perch, ide, whitefish, and leonok (rarely) grayling are also caught. There are 2 recreation centers along the river: Cordon, Yutorma, where vacationers can enjoy a relaxing holiday and a wonderful dream. Note. A vacationer should have with him: spinning gear, tackle, sleeping bag, light boots, personal hygiene items, replaceable clothes. Also, all this can be provided by the tour organizer (by agreement). Tour cost 6 days, 6 nights. Group of 4 people (65 thousand per person) Group of 5-6 people (55 thousand per person) Group of 7-8 people (50 thousand per person) The price does not include: tickets for the aircraft, alcohol, hotel accommodation. Additional services: purchase of alcohol, meals at the request of the vacationer. The tour originates from a meeting with the organizer in the village of Kellogg. Or from the recreation center Cordon in a rented helicopter. Three meals a day are provided by the tour organizer. During the tour, vacationers will be offered a traditional dish (pike on the ridge, grayling ear, taimen ear, pike ear, fish finch, stroganin, etc.) Water transport at the request of vacationers: Solar boat. Boat dimensions: 3.80 x 1, 75m., Motor 20-25 HP Density of PVC fabric balloon, 1000g / m 24 months warranty. Payload 600kg Transom height 381 mm Color blue Passenger capacity 4 people "Seagull" Boat dimensions 12h1,2m. Payload 2500 kg Weight 1000 kg Transom height hydraulic lift Metal made Color green Maximum speed 25-30 km / h Passenger capacity 8 people. All-weather tent lotus 5. Capacity 4 people. 30 sec setting In the basic version, the tent consists of two layers - external and internal awnings. The outer tent tent is sewn of high-quality waterproof Polyester Oxford 300 D WR fabric, which is characterized by high wear resistance and the highest tensile strength. The tent, equipped with an external awning of high density (density 140 g / m2), belongs to the heavy category of tourist tents, which provides it with high reliability when operating in extreme weather conditions in a wide temperature range from - 50 ° C to + 50 ° C.

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Tour details

  • Captain speaks English
  • Catch guaranteed
  • Beginner friendly
  • Family friendly
  • Guide verified
  • Equipment & Tackle included
  • Well-equipped boat
  • Secure booking

This is a private tour. It will be organized for you and your group only.

The total price will be calculated for the amount of people in your group.

The tour can be booked when paid for 4 people minimum.
The tour is 6 days long.
Tour start time cannot be changed.
Tour end time cannot be changed.
62°28'56.402"N, 86°18'0.698"E

Fishing location

Krasnoyarsk region

Tour Price Includes

  • Breakfast
  • Catch Cleaning & Filleting
  • Catch Cooking
  • Dinner
  • Fishing License
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Water and Soft Drinks

Targeted species

  • Grayling
  • Ide (Orfe)
  • Perch (European)
  • Pike
  • Taimen
  • Whitefish (Lake)

Fishing techniques

  • Drift Fishing
  • Float fishing
  • Heavy Tackle
  • Ice Fishing
  • Ice Fishing with Mormyshka
  • Light Tackle
  • Popping
  • Spinning

Types of fishing

  • Backcountry Fishing
  • Flats Fishing
  • Lake Fishing
  • River Fishing
  • Shore fishing
  • Small River Fishing

Take with you

  • The vacationer should have with him: spinning rod, tackle, sleeping bag, light boots, personal hygiene items, change of clothes. All this can also be provided by the tour organizer (by agreement)


  • Alcohol allowed
  • Free cancellation unavailable
  • Strictly Catch and Release

Boat Specification

  • Brand and model


  • Capacity

    4 persons

  • Max. speed

    35 km/h

  • Horsepower capacity

    25 hp


  • Bed
  • Kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Toilet
  • TV

Guide Information

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Private Tour

up to 8 people

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6 days

848 USD / day

Total price - per person for 6 days5 088 USD