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Heart of the North

Krasnoyarsk region

7-day tour: For Beginners, For Amateurs, For Anglers, For Family, For Children

Several airlines fly to Norilsk every day. Tickets can be purchased freely at the box office at any time of the year except at the end of August. Flights are night. The flight time is 3 hours 50 minutes (Moscow-Norilsk). From the airport to the city 1 hour drive. There are 2 hotels in Norilsk. Room rate from 2500 rubles / day. The city is quite civilized, with a developed service, you can buy anything from products, but prices are on average higher than in the capital. Since the beginning of May - a polar day. Average air temperatures: May -10 +10; July, August 20-25 C; September +5 +10 С, but sharp temperature fluctuations are possible due to the invasion of arctic air masses. Rivers open up from ice in the second half of May, lakes - at the end of June. From the beginning of July until the first frost in mid-August, there are mosquitoes, so individual mosquito nets and repellents are needed (there are mosquito nets and fumigators at the base). There are no ticks here as well as snakes. Departure to the Base (by helicopter) from the g / p Valek (10 km from the city). Flight time is 1 hour. There is a great opportunity to take photo and video filming of the Putorana plateau from a helicopter. Helicopters: Mi-8T, MTV; 5, 6-seater Eurocopters, AS-350, ES -130. The base has all the necessary amenities: accommodation in 2-4-bed cottages); bath; electricity; bar; mechanical workshop; summer dining room; smokehouse. Communication on the route: VHF radio stations, also used when fishing. Satellite phone. In case of rainy weather while fishing on the lake, you must have waterproof raincoats, jackets, boots (preferably with warm liners) gloves, thermal underwear. In May, due to strong sunlight, dark glasses and sunscreen are needed to avoid sunburn on the eyes and face. rest of the Putorana plateau Service at the base Accommodation A week-long fishing tour begins in Norilsk, where you will be met by a representative of our company and escorted to boarding a helicopter that will take you to the Base. The base is located in the eastern, mountainous part of the lake. Chum, at the mouth of the river. Tokingda is the only Base on Lake Keta. Accommodation in the base camp, maximum capacity of 4 cottages - 14 people (small living room, heating, electricity, dry closet). Bath and shower are in a separate room. There is a separate summer dining room covered with a mosquito net, equipped with a gas stove and a refrigerator. Full board includes 3 hot meals a day, fresh vegetables and fruits. Incoming services: meeting, seeing off at the airport "Alykel", Norilsk; accommodation at the "Heart of the North" base, double occupancy; 3x hot meals a day; services of experienced guides and base personnel; rafts for rafting, mountain equipment; 1 equipped motor boat for 2 fishermen. Additional services: Helicopter transfer to the base and back. Alcoholic drinks at the base. Services after the fact. What we catch Dryagin's char Grayling Pike Sig Burbot Palia Fishing method Recommended fishing methods: trolling on the lake using motor boats (1 boat for two) equipped with downriggers and echo sounders. Spinning, fly fishing on the Tokingda, Amnundakta and Keta Lake. Fishing is possible both from boats and from the shore. Duralumin boats (Progress, Kazanki 5M) are designed for 2 people and are equipped with imported outboard motors (Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha), life-saving equipment, communication equipment, anchors. The use of echo sounders makes it easier to find fish in the lake, and experienced guides are always ready to help you. Fishing methods - spinning, fly fishing according to the principle “catch and release”. The main fishing grounds for Dryagin char are concentrated in the estuarine sections of the river. Tokingda, r. Amnundakta, as well as in the mouths of streams along the northern and southern shores of the lake. On the river Tokingda alpine pits are located in the middle and upper reaches. The average weight of Dryagin's char is 3-7 kg. Maximum - up to 14 kg. The weight of the grayling and whitefish reaches 1.5 kg. Pikes up to 10 kg. In the oxbows of the Tokingda River and the floodplain lakes, there are a lot of large pike and burbot.For fishing on the lake, a medium-class rod with a test from 7 to 35 g is enough. Williams, etc.) painted in a combination of yellow and red, as well as silver. Small spinners are also good for spinning fishing (Myran, Mepps No. 1-4, Blue fox). Small size jigs can also be used. When fishing for grayling and whitefish, use dry flies on hooks No. 12-16, as well as small spinning spoons of different colors. Poppers will do too. For lovers of burbot fishing (average weight 2-3.5 kg), a donka or a set is used. The bait is fish offal. On the Tokingda River, it is more convenient to fish by moving around on one of the banks. Fishing with a jack is always successful; large turntables and wobblers also work. On the lake, the depths reach 400 meters, but the main fishing is from a depth of 15-30 m. The char is schooling fish and migrates after the shoals of vendace, so fishermen are constantly moving on boats along the lake. from May 19 to July 25 - polar day, and until August 15 - white nights, so you can fish around the clock! hiking russia putorana plateau Rafting service Rafting The rafting part of the route begins in the upper reaches of the Tokingda and Amnundakta rivers, where you will be taken by helicopter from Norilsk. Alloys on the river. Irkinda and Kotuy end on the rivers, from where the group returns to Norilsk. Some of your personal belongings can be left at the Base, where you will make an intermediate landing on the way to the start of the route. The group includes: waterproof awnings; folding tables and chairs; necessary kitchen utensils; gasoline primus for the dark time of the day - gas lamps. You need to take your sleeping bag with you! The group is accompanied by qualified guides who ensure your safety, prepare food and do all the work around the camp, and give qualified fishing advice. The rafting part of the route is on inflatable boats (RAFTs, Honda motors). Rivers of the mountain-taiga type, with rifts, stretches. The boats are equipped with life jackets. During the rafting, calm places are passed under a motor, rides - on oars; the most fishy places are being fished. The schedule is determined on the spot, the daily crossing rate is 10-15 km. Parking in the most picturesque places you like. Overnight in the most convenient places, the whole group is involved in setting up tents. Meals are 2 times hot, prepared by accompanying guides on a fire or primus, the menu is coordinated with you and includes a variety of dishes of Russian cuisine, fresh fish, vegetables, fruits. Large-scale maps of the river and VHF transmitters - on each boat. The older group has a satellite phone. The first aid kit is located on the route by the guide. But you need to keep your personal medications in mind and have your health insurance policy with you! The rafting fishing tour assumes that the participants have average physical fitness; it is better for people with chronic diseases to refrain from traveling. Fishing method Fly fishing, also trolling. For spinning fishing, small spinning lures and wobblers of various colors are used (work well: Mepps No. 1-4. Myran, Blue Fox). Grayling and whitefish are excellent for dry flies and nymphs on hooks No. 12-16; floating and neutral buoyancy lines are also suitable for the season. With the width of the river 40-60 meters, the length of the cast is no more than 20 m. You can fish from boats or moving around on one of the banks. Medium rods, 7-9 feet long, are best. Line 0.2-0.25. Goltsovye pits on the r. Tokingda and R. Amnundakta are located in the middle and upper reaches. For catching Dryagin's char, spinning rods with a test of 10-35 g are used. Large spinners No. 3-5, wobblers 12-15 cm or various swaying lures of white or yellow color are used. Spoons Williams, Kastmaster, any "spoons", take good on the popper. Fishing line 0.4-0.5. For vertical lure on the lake. Chum salmon are used vertical lures for whitefish. For those who like to fish for burbot (average weight 2-3.5 kg.) Donkeys, mugs, supplies, jigs are suitable, as bait - fish offal. Average weight: Dryagin's char 3-7 kg; grayling 1-1.5 kg; whitefish up to 2 kg; pike up to 10 kg. The weather in the north is extremely changeable, therefore, you need to take care of the selection of your personal equipment and clothing for any weather. Average temperature: July, August from + 10C to + 25C; September from 0 to + 15C, night frosts. Remember that the weather in the north is very changeable with frequent temperature fluctuations due to the intrusion of cold air masses from the Arctic.A fishing license is included in the tour price. Fish catch is not limited, but the principle of reasonable harvest is respected. The main fishing objects are Dryagin char, palia, grayling, whitefish, pike, burbot. After the rafting After the end of the rafting part of the tour upon arrival at the base "Heart of the North" you are provided with a standard set of services at the base: full board, accommodation in 2-bed rooms in cottages; bath; bar; satellite TV; meals in the dining room; 1 motor boat for two. The boats are equipped with outboard imported motors, life jackets, echo sounders, communication facilities. Downriggers are used for deep sea fishing on the lake. The instructor accompanies the fishermen throughout the fishing trip. Fishing both from the shore and from boats. Trolling on the lake. Alcoholic drinks are available at the base in the required amount, but are paid separately.

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Tour details

  • Captain speaks English
  • Catch guaranteed
  • Beginner friendly
  • Family friendly
  • Guide verified
  • Equipment & Tackle included
  • Well-equipped boat
  • Secure booking

This is a shared tour. You will fish with other anglers.

The total price will be calculated for the amount of people in your group.

The tour can be booked when paid for 1 person minimum.
The tour is 7 days long.
This is the recommended time. You can change it after checking with the guide.
This is the recommended time. You can change it after checking with the guide.
69°21'20.844"N, 88°11'21.458"E
Meeting at the Norilsk airport

Fishing location

Krasnoyarsk region

Tour Price Includes

  • Breakfast
  • Catch Cleaning & Filleting
  • Catch Cooking
  • Dinner
  • First Mate
  • Fishing License
  • Fly Fishing Equipment
  • Live Bait
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Spearfishing Equipment
  • Water and Soft Drinks

Targeted species

  • Arctic salmon

    Trophy fish

  • Burbot

    Trophy fish

  • Grayling

    Trophy fish

  • Perch (European)

    Trophy fish

  • Pike

    Trophy fish

  • Taimen

    Trophy fish

  • Whitefish (Lake)

    Trophy fish

Fishing techniques

  • Bottom Fishing
  • Bowfishing
  • Clonk fishing
  • Drift Fishing
  • Feeder fishing
  • Fishing with live bait
  • Float fishing
  • Fly Fishing
  • Handline
  • Heavy Tackle
  • Ice Fishing
  • Ice Fishing with Mormyshka
  • Ice jig fishing
  • Jigging
  • Kite Fishing
  • Light Tackle
  • Popping
  • Spearfishing
  • Spinning
  • Trolling

Types of fishing

  • Backcountry Fishing
  • Flats Fishing
  • Lake Fishing
  • River Fishing
  • Shore fishing
  • Small River Fishing

Take with you

  • Cap.
  • First aid kit with individual medicines.
  • Fishing gear.
  • Knife.
  • Mosquito net.
  • Mosquito repellents.
  • Personal hygiene products.
  • Photo and video equipment with chargers.
  • Polartec jacket.
  • Rain cover.
  • Replaceable shoes (sneakers, flip-flops).
  • Satellite phone.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Socks 2-3 pairs.
  • Sports hat.
  • Sports suit.
  • Storm suit.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen
  • T-shirts, shirt.
  • T-shirts, shirt.
  • Thermal underwear or its equivalent.
  • Travel backpack / bag.
  • Trekking boots.
  • Waders.
  • Warm jacket.
  • Work gloves.


  • Airport Transfer Included
  • Alcohol allowed
  • Catch and Release Allowed
  • Children Allowed
  • Clients Keep Catch
  • Free cancellation before 35 days
  • Transfer From Hotel Upon Request

Boat Specification

  • Capacity

    4 persons

  • Date of manufacture


  • Length

    6 meters

  • Max. speed

    55 km/h

  • Number of engines


  • Horsepower capacity

    50 hp


  • Downriggers
  • Fighting chair
  • Livewell
  • Snorkeling Equipment

Guide Information

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20 000 USD / day

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