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Fishing in Australia is a very popular activity, and can be the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway. There are many different styles and locations to pick from, such as freshwater fishing, estuary fishing, reef fishing, deep sea fishing, fly fishing, and many more. Because of its thousands of fertile coastlines and vast wetlands, streams, and rivers, an avid angler has over 4,000 different species of fish to see and pursue in Australia.

Australia is a large place. There are vast, desert wastelands, open, grassy plains, to green, tropical forests. Because of this, there are many different places and environments to fish in. From record breaking black marlin in Cairns, to barramundi in Darwin, there is something for everyone. And the best part? Australian sport fishing remains relatively unregulated, especially compared to other countries. Places like Queensland, South Australia, and the Northern Territory don’t even require an angler to hold a fishing license. In the remaining areas, licenses are not expensive and non-residents pay the same fee as the locals. With just a few regulations on species and size, it is very easy to travel here and get started fishing!

Because there are over 4,000 different fish species, there is always something for everyone. Some of the more popular saltwater fish include black marlin, mackerel, swordfish, tuna, bonefish, and snapper. With plenty of coastline, any number of species can be targeted and caught. Many people are unaware that Australia is also home to trout. Trout were introduced to Australia in the 1860s and now thrive. Brown and rainbow trout occur in good numbers in the cooler parts of Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory, with brook trout in smaller pockets as well. Some small, isolated pockets of land-locked Atlantic and Chinook salmon can even be found. Another freshwater target for many anglers is the murray cod. One of the largest freshwater fish on the planet, Murrary cod have been recorded as long as 2 metres (6 feet) and 100 kilos (200 pounds). These large, grouper like fish prey on ducks, lizards, and snakes that venture too close to them. Australia is home to such a large and diverse range of fish, that you could easily fish every day of the year and still catch new fish every time.

The Australian flathead is one of the most targeted species in Australia. These fish are usually found in coastal bays, and is one of the most popular species because of how simple it is to catch. Although they can be caught year round, the summer months are usually the most productive, as it is with most fish species in this part of the world. They take many baits, from live, frozen, freshly cut or even artificial lures.

Any serious angler should have Australia on his fishing bucket list. The terrain is beautiful, and the fish are plentiful. With so many different species to fish for, anybody could find exactly what they are looking for when they fish Australia.

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Great morning on the water the weather was shocking got totally wet but was so worth it will be going again the guys are great and love to have a chat


Awesome day had a great time. Will definitely be going out with you guys again. Thanks


Defiantly worth going with


My family and I went on the Rip Runner today we had a fantastic day, couldn't of asked for a better fishing experience so much fun will definitely be going on another charter with theses guys again. Thanks


Had a great morning out on the bay chasing the elusive snapper. Our skipper Mark was very happy to move to a number of different marks, and try different fishing techniques, and the gear we were fishing with was all top class. Mark was also full of helpful information that would benefit me in my kayak fishing. My mate and I both caught large snapper up to 6kg (and a few smaller but still good sized ones) and would certainly recommend Mark's charters for both novice or experienced fisherman. Brilliant morning Mark, thanks again.

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