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The Bahamas are the islands which are sung about by the incredible “Boney M”, gave their name to the world-famous cocktail, and is one of the points of the famous Bermuda triangle. The Bahamas are an archipelago that includes more than seven hundred islands of various sizes. From the north, the Bahamas are washed by the waters of the Atlantic, and from the south, by the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

What kind of fish can be caught in the Bahamas

The tropical climate, and the uniquely clean, clear water attract many kinds of fish to the Bahamas, and therefore make the waters of these places ideal to fish for trophy sea fish.

Fishing in the Bahamas

The crown trophy fishing in the Bahamas consists of:

When to fish trophy fish in the Bahamas

Fishing in the Bahamas lasts all year long. Different kinds of fish migrate in these waters at different times:

  • January - wahoo season;
  • February is the time for fishing white marlin drifting in these waters, such as wahoo and mahi-mahi;
  • March - the season of fishing sailing and white marlin, wahoo and mahi-mahi;
  • April - in the waters of the islands you can successfully catch blue marlin, fish, sailfish, groupers, wahoo, and mahi-mahi;
  • May is the best month in the Bahamas for catching groupers, mahi-mahi, blue and white marlin, yellowfin tuna, which is extremely active in this month;
  • June is the best month for fishing in the Bahamas, fishing for groupers (there are several species in the waters of the Bahamas), mahi-mahi;
  • July, August and September can be spent in search of trophies on coral reefs; for example, grouper; and
  • In October, the wahoo fishing season begins, which lasts all winter and ends in April.

Locating fish in the Bahamas and its fishing methods

In the waters of almost any island, you can catch a trophy specimen. But the most popular among fishermen are the Bahamas of Eleuthera, Harbor, New Providence and Paradise Island. The most popular, from the point of view of the effectiveness of fishing is Berry Island.

Local fishermen and visiting trophy hunters catch fish:

  • From a boat, that can be chartered directly on site, or rented in advance. Hunting is carried out with artificial bait and live bait by trolling. Good results can be achieved with bottom fishing.
  • Fishing in the surf zone with bottom gear and spinning is popular from the shore.

The most effective method of fishing is trolling. The Bahamas are famous for their fishing tournaments.

Rules and features of fishing in the Bahamas

  1. Fishing in the Bahamas without special permission is prohibited. Permission can be obtained at any customs point. In the Bahamas, there are 32 of them. To do this, you just need to have an ID.
  2. In the waters of the Bahamas, fishing is only allowed using a rod.
  3. During the periods of migration for dolphins, king-fish and wahoo, the total number should not exceed 18 pieces on the vessel, and for bottom fish and snails living on coral reefs (snappers, perches) - 20 pieces.
  4. Catching turtles in the Bahamas is strictly prohibited.
  5. There are local restrictions on catching crustaceans (crabs and lobsters).

Fishing in the Bahamas will leave unforgettable memories of the warm, gentle sea, snow-white sandy beaches, coral bushes and great fishing in these epic beautiful places in the soul of any fisherman.

When choosing fishing packages and fishing tours, the main thing is to determine the terms of your stay on the islands, because fishing in the Bahamas is a fascinating occupation, and several hours might be not enough.

We can offer you services to find a personal guide or rent a boat. Fishing in the Bahamas must be seen and tried.

We can help you with everything except catching trophy fish. That you must do yourself.

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