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Fishing in Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest nations in the world. It is located in South America and is the largest country on the South American continent.

For most tourists, Brazil is associated with the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, numerous high-class soccer players and endless forests; but most importantly, it has the world's largest river by discharge volume of water - the majestic Amazon, which has more than 2,500 kinds of fish, based on ichthyologists’ estimates.

Fishing in Brazil is not just fishing in the Amazon, but also great sea fishing.

What kind of fish can be caught in Brazil

Brazil fishing is multifaceted and diverse. It includes:

  • Freshwater fishing in the rivers and lakes of the Amazon and Madeira rivers. In these rivers, you can catch arapaima, peacock perch, some species of eel, freshwater rays, piranhas, catfish, which cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Sea fishing. In the waters of Brazil, you can catch trophy specimens of blue marlin with a high possibility, sailfish, spearmen, yellowfin tuna, dorado and swordfish.

When you can fish for trophy fish in Brazil

On the coast of the country and in its territorial waters, the season lasts all year long, but the peak season is from October till the end of March. This is the season to fish for marlin, wahoo, sailfish, dorado and all kinds of tuna.

Amazonia occupies a large area, therefore the fishing seasons on the Amazon river also differ. The landmarks are the Madeira and Rio Negru rivers.

In Madeira, the season starts in August and ends in November, while the Rio Negru season lasts from December till March.

Fish activity is highly dependent on the water level, but from May till December, fishing in Brazil on the Amazon becomes extremely dangerous. Moreover, in the midst of the Brazilian summer, you can get caught in a powerful tropical downpour and face a sharp rise of water.

Fishing arapaima - this is a business card for fishing in Brazil. The fishing season for this relic fish lasts from July till November. However, it is necessary to remember that the young arapaima will have to be released, and the total catch volume highly depends on the results of the last estimate of the amount of this fish in the reservoir.

Fish locations in Brazil and how to catch them

Fishing sea fish in Brazil is performed from a vessel in the open sea. Specifically, marlin, spearmen and caranx are mainly caught in the tropical areas of the country. Tuna fish appear much further south, near the border with Argentina.

Fishing in the Brazilian Amazon is conducted on all its tributaries. The best places for fishing large fish (arapaima, peacock perch, catfish) are located in the marshy lowlands, as well as in the upper reaches of the rivers.

Fishing methods on the sea in these places are considered to be classic trolling with the use of deep-water bait.

For fishing in freshwater, classic spinning, bottom fishing and the simplest float fishing are used.

Brazil is a large country, with thousands of rivers and tens of thousands of lakes. It is extremely difficult to navigate without a good guide.

We offer services to select a high-class guide and sell fishing tours and packages.

Fishing in Brazil will allow you to experience all the uniqueness of this water world in this great country.

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