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Fishing in Finland

Finland is a rugged and stark northern country which, for most fishermen, is associated with:

  • snow-covered plains, through which rapid, cold rivers flow;
  • a thousand lakes that have become the hallmark of the country;
  • the coast and islands which are rich in predatory fish;
  • the purest vodka, which bears the name of the country on its label; and
  • the name of the person who invented and manufactured the world's first wobbler.

Finland is also famous for its unique attitude to winter and summer fishing, for its hospitality, and the joy of the locals.

What kind of fish can be caught in Finland

The unforgiving climate of this northern country, along with its cold waters, is a paradise for predatory fish, which seems exotic in temperate latitudes. In these waters, salmon, trout and whitefish thrive.

Fishing in Finland consists of trophy fishing for predatory fish (sea and freshwater), such as:

When you can catch trophy fish in Finland

Fishing in Finland lasts all year long. In winter, most water bodies are covered with snow and ice. But ice fishing in Finland is as productive as summer fishing for sea and freshwater fish.

The real season for summer predator fishing in Finland begins June 1st and lasts till mid-September. The winter season, or the season of ice fishing, begins as soon as the reservoirs are covered with a thick layer of ice. Fishing burbot in Finland is almost a national sport.

Fishing methods

Fishing in Finland does not limit fishermen in choosing their gear. When fishing for peaceful fish, common fishing techniques are used, which are based on:

  • a float rod;
  • classic bottom fishing;
  • a feeder and picker; and
  • a tackle for ice fishing.

Predator fishermen use:

  • classic spinning;
  • trolling;
  • round float and zherlitsa; and
  • fly fishing gear that is indispensable for catching in fast rivers, especially during the open water season.

In predator fishing, both live-bait and artificial bait baskets are used, the most popular of which is a wobbler.

Fishing limitations in Finland

Fishing in Finland is prohibited without a license. Such a license is not expensive and is sold in almost any store, kiosk and post office. In Finland, you can fish with a fishing rod without a reel with a length of fishing line equal to the length of the rod in any place, with the exception of specially marked warning signs for those without a license.

The Finnish authorities are concerned about the preservation of their biological resources; therefore, they prohibit fishing during the spawning period, and some methods of fishing are specifically forbidden. For example, trolling is considered to be an unacceptable way of fishing in the Aland Islands. Any kind of fishing in Finland is forbidden 50 meters from a building standing near the water.

Local authorities also impose various bans on the territory they control. There are restrictions on the size of the fished fish. Moreover, the norms may vary depending on the reservoir. Therefore, before fishing, it is best to get instructions from an experienced local fisherman.

Fishing in Finland differs a little from the fishing methods in neighboring Russia. The only difference is in the attitude of the authorities and residents of the country to their natural wealth. Being clean, having perfect order, and a lack of poaching have made Finland attractive for tourists, and especially fishermen.

Where to fish in Finland

In Finland, you can find a lot of clean, beautiful and comfortable places for active recreational fishing. Naturally, there are places chosen by fishermen, which include:

  • the Aland Islands, where from April to September they catch pike, perch, sea taimen and Atlantic salmon;
  • Tünnukari, where, in the same period, you can catch a rather large trout, salmon, sea taimen and perch;
  • Kuusamo district, which is formed by three rivers in Lapland and where, in pure drinking water, you can fish tench, whitefish, brown trout, pike and grayling perch all summer;
  • Lake Seim, which is the largest lake in Finland, or more precisely, a system of lakes where the water flows from one to another. The lake is home to all the freshwater fish characteristic of Finland, ranging from roach and bream to trout and salmon. You can fish there all summer.

There are a lot of beautiful fishing places in Finland, and when traveling there, it is not necessary to fly to Lapland or go to the Aland Islands.

A good mood, excellent biting and good trophies can be obtained, even in the region of the capital of the country if an experienced guide arranges your fishing.

You can find out more about fishing in Finland by contacting our managers, who will give you more information about fishing packages and tours, services that are included or can be included in the package of any fishing tour.

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