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France is not known for much fishing except for one species in particular: the carp. Carp fishing in France is one of the most popular holidays for British anglers. Thousands of people make the trip across the channel every year in search of monster fish and unforgettable memories. If you’re one of them, you’re in for a treat.There’s a lot to consider when fishing abroad. Where should you go? What time of year should you visit? What type of water do you want to fish in? On top of that, there are all the questions about what – and who – you should bring with you. Read on for the answers to all this and more.French Carp fishing holidays can be tailored to pretty much any taste. Because of that, you’ll have a much better time if you clearly define what you want to get out of your trip. With that in mind, here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you make your plans.

What are your fishing goals? Essentially, how serious are you about the fishing itself? Is this trip all about catching a monster, or do you just want peace and quiet with the occasional fish as a bonus? There are places tailored to every angler’s ambitions, so shop around for one that suits you. How far can you go? France is a big country, and most of the motorways are toll roads. Tolls, fuel, and driving time can really add up if you’re heading to the south of France. Set a travel budget and decide how long you want to be driving for – it will help you narrow down your destinations. What (and when) do you want to eat? Staying somewhere with half or full board lets you spend your time fishing, not cooking. However, meal times are usually fixed and only last an hour or so, so you’re less flexible. Self-catering will give you more freedom if you don’t mind making food.

By now you should have a decent idea of what you want to get out of your trip. The next thing to decide is what kind of location or venue you want to fish on. French Carp fishing venues vary hugely, but you can generally break them down into one of three types.If your trip isn’t just about the fish, or you’re planning on a tight budget, this could be the perfect option. There are hundreds of public fishing lakes in France – most towns have a local lake and most lakes have Carp in them. They’re cheap, plentiful, and you can still find some top-notch angling. The problem with fishing on a public lake is that it can be hard to get information on the local rules and stock levels. Getting a fishing permit is easy, but finding out where you should set up your rods can be more tricky. This isn’t a problem, as long as you have the time to walk around the lake and ask, but it can be time consuming. The good thing about public lakes is that you have plenty of options when it comes to accommodation. There’s often a campsite nearby, and because they’re usually near a town, it should also be easy to find a B&B or self-catered accommodation. Just be sure to book everything ahead of time if lodging is limited.

If you’re looking for the best fishing with none of the hassle, a private venue might be for you. These lakes are managed and maintained by local bailiffs to make sure the fish grow fat and happy. You can also find food, accommodation, and English-speaking staff at most private fishing venues. Private fisheries aren’t for everyone, mind you. For one thing, you can be quite restricted in how and where you fish. In busy locations, you might be given a single swim at random for your entire trip. There may also be rules on the type of bait you can use. Of course, every spot is different. If you shop around, you should be able to find one that suits you. And if what you’re after is a stress-free trip with all your meals sorted and a good chance of landing a monster, private venues are perfect. This is the opposite end of the scale to a private Carp fishing venue. This is the real outdoors. France is full of remote rivers and quiet canals where you can spend the whole day without seeing a soul. This style of fishing takes a lot more planning, but it can be well worth it for the adventurous carper.

The first thing to bear in mind is that you have to bring a lot more stuff. You’re unlikely to find a tackle shop nearby, and it may be quite a walk from the nearest car park, so think carefully about what you’ll need. On top of that, the riverbanks won’t be properly maintained, so finding a good spot to set up can be a bit tricky. The thing that a lot of people love about Carp fishing in rivers is that the waters themselves are a lot more challenging. This isn’t some beginner’s runs water. The fish won’t still be nibbling on the last guy’s bait by the time you turn up. You need proper tactics and hard work to catch big fish. If you want to test your skills and earn each catch, this is the spot for you.