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Fishing in Italy

Italy is a beautiful country, with a deep, rich history. With so many things to see and do, what more could you want? Many do not know that there is actually a good deal of fishing throughout the country, and most doesn’t require any special planning or licenses. With so much beautiful scenery and history, why not try catching a few fish along the way?

There are no special licenses required for recreational sea fishing. Italy is surrounded on three sides by the sea and ocean, so there is no shortage of coastline. Freshwater fishing is regulated locally so the rules vary by region. If not hiring a guide, we recommend visiting a local fishing store or post office to buy the proper license and local waterway permits so you can ensure you'll be complying with up-to-date regulations and won't end your trip with a fine. There are many different mountain streams, rivers, and lakes with many different species of fish available to catch.

Italy boasts a number of fishing hotspots, including the island of Sicily. The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea offers some great variety of fish species. Off the coasts of Palermo, the Egadi Islands and the Aeolian Islands, the most popular fish to be found is Bluefin tuna. May and July are the perfect months to go look for some great Sicilian swordfish. According to experts, this type of fish is usually spotted near canyons and submerged sea mountains. Other common species commonly found in Sicilian waters, especially around reefs, are the greater amberjack and grouper. Another good location is called Le Marche. On the East coast of Italy, the region Le Marche is a perfect place for fishing. Its lakes Cingoli, Pioraco and Sefro offer a great variety of aquatic fauna. Trout, pike, perch, chuc, crucian carp, rudd and carp are just some of the most popular species that hang out in these waters. On top of the many lakes, Le Marche’s Adriatic coast definitely attracts fishermen all-year-round. Here, you can catch grey and red mullet, bass and bream, sardines and everything that this crystal clear water has to offer. When thinking of Tuscany, you might recall the marvelous historic towns and the amazing Italian wine and food. However, Tuscany is also very popular region for fishing. Trout and grayling are easy to fish in the Lima and the Sieve rivers. If you are more of an open-water fisherman, the Tuscan archipelago offers excellent Bluefin tuna, barracuda, swordfish, sea bass and grouper. The north of Italy features hundreds of excellent fishing spots. In the Po, the largest Italian river, giant catfish and big carp hang around all day, waiting to be caught. The deep waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea are great for Amberjack, Garrick, Bluefish, Grouper, Dentex and Snapper. However, the most popular and wanted fish that can be found in Sardinian waters is the Bluefin Tuna, the largest species of tuna that can reach a length of 3.7 meters. Usually, the beginning of May is when the Bluefin Tuna starts coming around and can be spotted until late October. Due to the size of this fish that can weight over 650 kilograms, the best way to land it is by trolling with baits like squid, sardines or other small fish, and use the lifting technique suggested by a local fisherman.

Northern parts of Italy host the highest number of rivers, as well as the largest of the whole country. Every river of the Pianura Padana has its spring among the thousands of small streams tracing Alpine mountains and their valleys. These small rivers, with cold water all year long as well as a great level of oxygen, represents some of the best places in Italy where to find a different kind of trouts and chars. The transparent waters of these small mountain rivers offers a spectacular experience but make the fishing very difficult as trouts will easily see the angler while approaching the small waterholes, forcing him to pay the highest attention. Anyway, the satisfaction of the catch will excite even the most experienced angler. Depending on the season, the water conditions and the stream, an angler can choose the right fishing style. Fly fishing is one of the most popular methods and practiced styles, although spinning rigs and rods are also very popular.

While most think of Italy as nothing more than a touristy destination with a rich history and culture, for the avid angler there are many different things to keep them busy. Italy boasts some beautiful scenery and amazing fish, making it a prime travel destination. So save up some money, ready your fishing gear, and hit the streets of Italy because you never know what adventures are waiting for you in this amazing country.

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