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Fishing in Mauritius

Mauritius Island is a country in the Indian Ocean, which is located in the equatorial zone in relative proximity to the African continent. This small state consists of several islands of volcanic origin and coral atolls.

Mauritius is always warm. Tourists are well aware that this island is the point of intersection of the migration routes for many of the largest fish living in the Indian Ocean. Deep-water areas near the island hide a lot of secrets from human eyes quite well. One of them is the legendary Latimeria, a cross-fish, which sometimes comes across the nets of local fishermen.

What kind of fish can be caught in Mauritius

Fishing in Mauritius is, first of all, deep-sea fishing targeting trophy fish.

In the waters around the island, there are really large fish. Among the trophies, there may be:

Depths of up to 70 meters not far from the island are replete with large fish. No one has ever called fishing in Mauritius unsuccessful. Records for this region of the world are:

  • Mako shark, weighing 502 kg;
  • mackerel - 18.6 kg;
  • white tuna - 100 kg;
  • blue marlin - 643 kg; and
  • yellow tuna - 90.6 kg.

All fish caught in the waters of Mauritius become the property of the crew.

When you can fish for trophy fish in Mauritius

Mauritius is a place where it is always warm. The fishing season in Mauritius never ends. Naturally, due to migration, some kinds of large fish may leave the waters of Mauritius for a while, but one kind is always replaced by another.

  • Tuna, barracuda, caranx and sharks are caught actively all year long;
  • Sailboat - actively caught from November till March;
  • Dorado and Wahoo - from December till March;
  • Marlins are found in these waters all year long, but the peak of their activity falls in the periods from November to December and February to April; and
  • Fish living in reefs can be caught all year long.

Deep-sea fishing in Mauritius is not tied to any particular place. Marlins are always there.

Locations of fish in Mauritius and fishing methods

Fishing in Mauritius is conducted for:

  • Migrating fish (all types of marlin, tuna, quail, dorado, wahoo) is caught by trolling in the open sea.
  • Reef fish, including snappers, groupers, albula and sharks, can also be caught with bottom fishing or heavy artificial lures.

They seldom fish from the coast on this island. Fishing in Mauritius is usually performed from a ship. That is why a rental service is one of the most common services provided there.

Local fishermen recommend the following for quality fishing in Mauritius and its surroundings:

  • In the Sudanese Banks area (Sudanese Plateau), where you can catch a trophy specimen of blue and black marlin, wahoo, striped and dog-toothed tuna.
  • In the area of the islands of the St. Brandon archipelago, where in the period from October to December, as well as April to May, you can take a trophy specimen of the albula, caranx and permits.

Fishing in Mauritius has a minimum of legislative and administrative restrictions. For fishing in Mauritius, you need:

  • a license that is sold everywhere; and
  • a boat that can be rented on site or booked in advance.

That is why lovers of trophy fishing choose Mauritius.

We will help you find the right fishing tour for you. We will also assist you in finding a suitable guide, and rent a boat. We look forward to the opportunity to offer you over 50 fishing options in places where there are always large fish, and summer never ends.

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