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Fishing in Norway

Norway is a naturally beautiful Scandinavian country, which is associated with rugged fjords coasts, small but turbulent mountain rivers, snappy frosts and the northern lights, for most fishermen. In addition, Norway has one of the highest standards of living in the world, a country in which poaching does not exist. Because of the purposeful work of the authorities in this country, the effectiveness of fishing in Norway can serve as an example for all neighboring countries.

What kind of fish can be caught in Norway

In North America, at these latitudes, there is permafrost and water, almost all year long. The Gulf Stream is warm and fast along the coast of Norway and most fish breeds feel quite comfortable.

In Norway, you can catch both freshwater and saltwater fish, as well. Peaceful white fish are not popular here. Therefore, in freshwater reservoirs, they mainly fish trout, Atlantic salmon, grayling, trout, whitefish and other exotic fish from central and southern Europe.

Sea fishing in Norway is classic large predator fishing--a valuable commercial fishing prospect. In the waters of Norway, they catch: cod and pollock, halibut and flounder, sea bass and mackerel, catfish and monkfish. Moreover, the largest cod and halibut in the book of records were caught in Norwegian waters.

Fish locations in Norway

In the absence of poaching, excellent fishing is guaranteed almost everywhere. Fishermen note that the further north they go, the larger the fish they can catch.

The most famous places for fishing in Norway are the islands of Sejna, Soroya, Seiland, as well as North Cape and Mehamn Cape. At these points, catching trophy fish is considered an everyday occurrence.

Fishing methods in Norway

Fishing in this northern country is related to predator fishing. Therefore, the choices for fishermen are small.

Efficient fishing methods for fishing in Norway include:

  • Classic spinning from the boat and from the shore;
  • Trolling from the ship;
  • Fly fishing; and
  • Bottom fishing - classic and plumb.

Different methods work for different fish in different conditions. For mountain rivers, fishermen often use spinning and fly fishing; in sea fishing, trolling and bottom fishing.

For bait, they mostly use pieces of fish, or large, heavy baubles (including pilkers). In marine fishing, especially fishing sea bass at depths of over 100 meters, electrical coils are used.

The number of hooks in snap-ins is not limited, but even in bottom fishing, no one uses more than 5 hooks at a time.

When to fish in Norway

Fishing in Norway can be conducted all year long. However, per the observations of professionals, fishing in the spring and autumn is the most productive. In the summer, there may be problems with accommodations for fishermen, if you do not reserve a place in advance.

In winter, fishing is also quite effective, but the conditions of fishing due to cold weather become close to extreme. Fishing in the waters of Norway is completely prohibited during the mass spawning period.

Naturally, the peaks of activity of the fish living in the waters of Norway differ. At various times, tournaments for catching one or another species also take place.

You can get more information from our managers about fishing packages and fishing tours, and the services included in the price of a tour. They will also guide you with the timing of your arrival.

Fishing in Norway is for true fishing admirers.

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