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Located virtually at America’s back door, only a few hours by plane from Anchorage, Alaska, is Russia. Mysterious, misunderstood and often mislead, this frontier holds a universe of fly-fishing opportunity that has only just been tapped. Forget all your Cold War notions and Chernobyl nightmares. This is a country so vast and with infrastructure so undeveloped that the majority of its hinterlands remain totally unspoiled and barely fished.The Russian Far East contains some of the world’s most diverse, productive, and healthy river and ocean ecosystems, and it is a global priority for wild salmon conservation. Russia’s three main salmon producing regions in the Far East – Khabarovsk, Sakhalin Island, and the Kamchatka Peninsula – account for a third of the Pacific Rim’s wild salmon.

Over the last century, the remote regions of the Russian Far East have remained relatively intact, buffered from development threats. But these areas are now under increasing pressure due to loss of habitat, extractive industries, and large scale poaching, which is impacting the communities and ecosystems that have depended on wild salmon for generations.

Wild Salmon Center is working to ensure that Russia’s prime salmon territories stay intact, through protected areas, sustainable fisheries, scientific research, ecotourism and sportfishing development, and comWhen in Kuusamo, why not treat yourself or your group to an unforgettable adventure across the border in Russia. Some of the opportunities include tours of Russia’s pristine wilderness, fish-abundant rivers and lakes and trips to local towns to sample Russian life and culture. The Pääjärvi area is great fishing and hunting territory throughout the year, and the rivers Ponoj, Varzuga, Umba Tsavanga and Strelna offer the best catches, especially of salmon, between June and July. The Russian safaris are truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And whichever safari you might choose, make sure that you have the ultimate border crossing experience – the adventure of a lifetime. Keep in mind, however, that a visit to Russia always requires a visa.

There is no more prestigious trophy for a fly fisherman than taimen trout. Taimen fishing is difficult and requires traveling to some of the most remote places on earth. Mature taimen is very territorial and is rarely found in proximity to another taimen. Taimen for a good reason is frequently called by the local people water tiger or river wolf. Taimen trout is a tenacious, merciless, swift, and strong predator, who prays not only on fish, but also on birds and small mammals – ducks, snipe, mouse, squirrels, and muskrats. Having excellent sight, it is capable of seeing well in the water, and also distinguishing the objects on the shore. Taimen can jump and snatch small animals on dry land when they are in close proximity to the shoreline. With the autumn temperature drop, Siberian taimen migrates into the deeper, not freezing through parts of the rivers. Taimen lives longer than other Salmonidae, up to 50 years and more, continuously growing during the entire life. Most rapid growth occurs during the first 10-13 years, when its length increases annually by 8-10 centimeters (3-4 inches). Maturity is reached on the 5-7 year of life. Young taimen usually stays in small groups of 3-7, adult – in pairs or as singles. Larger congregations of taimen are observed sometimes prior their migration into the lower streams of the rivers just before winter; during this period very deep holes can have up to 10-15 large specimens. The activity of taimen into the summer-autumn season is subjected to very specific fluctuations. It is most high soon after spawning. During hot weather, when water becomes warm, which happens often in the slower flowing rivers of the South Siberian and Northern Mongolian planes, taimen become sluggish. In the opinion of some fishermen, a drop in their activity at this time is also caused by the painful process of replacing the teeth. Therefore during July and the first half of August catching large taimen in Mongolia and Southern Siberia is rather difficult. Near the end of August taimen becomes more active, and during September in anticipation of ice formation, it becomes very active and even aggressive. In summer the best time to catch taimen is early in the morning and after 5-6 PM, up top the twilight. In autumn biting is more uniform during the day. Taimen can be caught with spinning, using yellow or silver spoon baits between 2 to 4 inches long, or fly rod, using “mouse”. Large taimen, when attacking the “mouse”may “suppress” it by a violent strike of the tail before turning and taking the bait. In September taimen is not very discriminate in its diet and would take any bait, but during the summer different size and color baits has to be tried.

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Good afternoon! I want to leave my review on fishing with a guide Nikolai Krylivsky 10/12/2019. Many thanks to Nikolai for the wonderful fishing and training process! I really liked it, I plan to sign up for a program for catching trophy bream. Good luck in all your endeavors, health and all the best! Thanks again!!!!


Alexander is the most enthusiastic and dedicated fishing companion you would need. He speaks excellent English, and specializes in fishing in the Khabarovsk krai, a region that is both safe and beautiful.


Were on a fishing trip on July 26, 2018. I really liked our guide - an ideal setting for the points (at each point there were bays), communication is pleasant, professionalism at the level, an accessible language was explained by the slightest fishing nuances. In general, we are happy with fishing, and all the caught fish went to grow up)))) Repeated meeting will be required! And with Nicholas, and with the fish))))


It's nice when reality exceeds expectations from fishing. Fishing with Nikolai was simply amazing and gave a lot of emotions, adrenaline and capture of captured fish. Thank you for this day!


We went with my wife to the pike perch to the Ivankovskoe reservoir to Anton, I'll say right away that everything turned out perfectly. The weather in July was quite hot, it is clear that the fish is sluggish, but so anxious to fish! In an Internet I came across Fish.Travel, read, like everything is simple and clear. First he left an application on the site, and immediately (!) Alexander called back, quickly explored the possible options, and voila, a couple of days we are already on Volzhanka with Anton dissecting the smooth Ivankovskogo vrh. Beauty! By the way, the boat is a test, sporty, fast, fully equipped - echo sounders, fishing rods, baits, you only need to take sandwiches with you). Fishing turned out to be labor, but without a catch we did not stay, thanks to our guide, naturally). Anton himself a sportsman, knows the reservoir (and it's huge!), All the points on the maps are marked. I tried very hard to make it work, taught me the tricks of catching a jig, treated me to delicious tea and coffee. Until now, I correspond with him, suggest what baits, gear is better for different types of fishing. If we sum up everything, we are very happy! Great water, beautiful nature, fishing with a specialist and just a good man - we rested for one hundred percent, and I think closer to the fall back! To Anton and Alexander - thanks!