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Fishing in the Moscow region

The Moscow region occupies a territory that is the same size as a small European country. Since ancient times, this territory has been rich in water resources. The lakes and rivers here are natural elements of the landscape, and during the last century, the number of reservoirs in the suburbs have increased. Channels, ponds and reservoirs, private reservoirs, paid reservoirs and abandoned quarries have appeared. And where there is water, fish abound.

Currently, amateur fishing in the Moscow region is a common hobby among residents of the territory.

What kind of fish can be caught in the Moscow region

Today, in the Moscow region, large fish can be caught in private and paid reservoirs, rivers (Volga and Oka), and open pits and reservoirs - reservoirs with a large area of water. The fish there are mostly timid. Fishing here is difficult. Exceptions are paid water bodies, where the concentration of fish is maintained artificially, and even a novice fisherman can catch a large one. Paid reservoirs are the best place for fishing in the Moscow Region for beginners, and for those who are targeting a trophy fish.

In the territory of the Moscow region, there are:

Therefore, fishing in the Moscow Region can also be interesting and productive.

When to fish

Fishing in the Moscow Region continues all year long with a break for the period of spawning, and the tough winter. On most reservoirs, summer gear changes to winter and back, and the lures sometimes have to be adjusted due to the seasons.

There are also non-freezing reservoirs in the area, where you can fish with a summer fishing rod all year long. Not every fish caught while fishing in the Moscow Region can be eaten, but no one forbids fishing in most of the reservoirs.

Fishing ways and methods in the Moscow Region

The equipment for amateur fishing in the Moscow Region consists of:

Any fisherman can find a place to hone his skills with his favorite fishing method in a pond.

Where and how to find a place for fishing in the Moscow Region

You can do this alone, methodically fishing all the familiar and unfamiliar reservoirs of the region. Or, you can do it another way - pay for the services of a guide or buy a fishing package by consulting our managers. They will promptly find a place, help with the choice of a guide, help you determine a price, and make sure that fishing in the Moscow region becomes an unforgettable, interesting and entertaining experience for you.

Fishing in the Moscow region – no need to fly anywhere for trophies.

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Good afternoon! I want to leave my review on fishing with a guide Nikolai Krylivsky 10/12/2019. Many thanks to Nikolai for the wonderful fishing and training process! I really liked it, I plan to sign up for a program for catching trophy bream. Good luck in all your endeavors, health and all the best! Thanks again!!!!


Communicating with a professional "infected" with a favorite business always brings a lot of positive impressions. So when I met with Vladimir, my hobby of catching fish for spinning got stronger and acquired the necessary vector of development. Vladimir taught me the technique of working with various types of spinning rigs, showed in practice the basics of working with the echosounder, shared the secrets of finding places for fishing. We went on a well-equipped boat and used a large number of baits. I can say that I will definitely recommend a meeting with Vladimir to his friends and acquaintances.