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Good afternoon! I want to leave my review on fishing with a guide Nikolai Krylivsky 10/12/2019. Many thanks to Nikolai for the wonderful fishing and training process! I really liked it, I plan to sign up for a program for catching trophy bream. Good luck in all your endeavors, health and all the best! Thanks again!!!!


Communicating with a professional "infected" with a favorite business always brings a lot of positive impressions. So when I met with Vladimir, my hobby of catching fish for spinning got stronger and acquired the necessary vector of development. Vladimir taught me the technique of working with various types of spinning rigs, showed in practice the basics of working with the echosounder, shared the secrets of finding places for fishing. We went on a well-equipped boat and used a large number of baits. I can say that I will definitely recommend a meeting with Vladimir to his friends and acquaintances.


Were on a fishing trip on July 26, 2018. I really liked our guide - an ideal setting for the points (at each point there were bays), communication is pleasant, professionalism at the level, an accessible language was explained by the slightest fishing nuances. In general, we are happy with fishing, and all the caught fish went to grow up)))) Repeated meeting will be required! And with Nicholas, and with the fish))))


It's nice when reality exceeds expectations from fishing. Fishing with Nikolai was simply amazing and gave a lot of emotions, adrenaline and capture of captured fish. Thank you for this day!


We went with my wife to the pike perch to the Ivankovskoe reservoir to Anton, I'll say right away that everything turned out perfectly. The weather in July was quite hot, it is clear that the fish is sluggish, but so anxious to fish! In an Internet I came across Fish.Travel, read, like everything is simple and clear. First he left an application on the site, and immediately (!) Alexander called back, quickly explored the possible options, and voila, a couple of days we are already on Volzhanka with Anton dissecting the smooth Ivankovskogo vrh. Beauty! By the way, the boat is a test, sporty, fast, fully equipped - echo sounders, fishing rods, baits, you only need to take sandwiches with you). Fishing turned out to be labor, but without a catch we did not stay, thanks to our guide, naturally). Anton himself a sportsman, knows the reservoir (and it's huge!), All the points on the maps are marked. I tried very hard to make it work, taught me the tricks of catching a jig, treated me to delicious tea and coffee. Until now, I correspond with him, suggest what baits, gear is better for different types of fishing. If we sum up everything, we are very happy! Great water, beautiful nature, fishing with a specialist and just a good man - we rested for one hundred percent, and I think closer to the fall back! To Anton and Alexander - thanks!