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Fishing in Slovakia

Slovakia is a small country with beautiful scenery and an abundance of fishing options. Slovakia is home to 900 fishing reserves full of various types of fish. In order to abide by Slovakian fishing regulations, all anglers must obtain and possess 2 separate fishing licenses. Slovakia is a small country located in central Europe. Tucked between Poland, Hungary, Ukraine and the Czech Republic, Slovakia is defined by its rugged terrain and significant rivers, alpine lakes, and other bodies of water. Central and northern Slovakia is a mountainous, heavily forested region containing the Carpathian mountains, Tatra mountains, and Ore mountains. The southern portion of Slovakia consists of lush lowlands filled with rivers, lakes, and reservoirs as the predominant landscape.

The state license is available in information centers and local fishing shops.In addition to the state license, a local fishing permit must be purchased. The local permit is specific to the region or fishery which will be accessed. These licenses are available in local fishing shops and through local fishing association representatives. The price for a local fishing permit is 20 Euro per day.Slovakian fishing regulations require that catches are recorded with the type of fish and the date of harvesting. Daily catch limits are 2 fish with a total combined weight of under 5kg. These regulations apply to Carp, Tench, Pike, Zander, Sheatfish, and Salmon.Slovakia is home to a wide variety of freshwater fish. Slovakian fisheries are segmented into trout waters, non trout waters, and mixed waters. These various types of fisheries offer the possibility of hooking into including Carp, Danube, Salmon, Trout, Perch, Pike, Zander, Tench, Sheatfish, and Greyling.

Seasons can be a little confusing here. January through March - Closed season for trout. April 16 through May - Trout season opens on all Slovakian rivers and lakes. During this time, water levels are relatively high and the first Blue Wing Olive hatches begin. As temperatures warm up towards the second half of May, trout fishing improves. June through July - During the late spring and early summer, water levels are lower and the main fly fishing season begins. In addition to trout waters, Greyling fisheries are now open. During this season trout begin feeding on an increasing level of insect hatches. During the evenings, Caddis prove to be an effective fly pattern. August through September - This time of year is the prime fly fishing season. All fisheries are open and water levels have dropped to the perfect fishing level. Prolific Blue Wing Olive hatches cause a feeding frenzy for trout. As September ends, trout fisheries close. October - While trout season is over by October, fantastic Grayling fishing continues as the eager fish eat voraciously in preparation for the winter. In addition to the fishing, Slovakia becomes quite picturesque with fall foliage and colors. November through December - Trout fisheries remain closed during this time, however opportunities for Greyling are still around. Colder temperatures, short days, and reduced insect activity increase the challenge of enticing a Greyling. Most Greyling tend to feed during the warmest parts of the day at this time.

The best known fishing reserves in Slovakia are the following places: The fishing reserve Materiálová jama Michalovce - water area of the Materiálová jama (material pit) in the part of the town of Michalovce - Stráňany. Fishing for carp and other species of fish without the time of individual protection is allowed since 15 May. District of Michalovce. It has the character of carp waters. The reserve Štrkovisko Ivanka pri Dunaji - water area of the gravel pit behind the village of Ivanka pri Dunaji. District of Senec. It has the character of carp waters. The reserve VN Ružín - water area of the reservoir from the dam to the railway bridge Margecany in the direction of Kľuknava and the brook Bystrá from the mouth to the sources. District of Košice. It has the character of carp waters. The reserve VN Orava - water area of the reservoir (3400ha) from the dam to the road bridge on the state road Námestovo - Tvrdošín to the state border with Poland. Within 100m from the dam fishing is prohibited all year round. District of Námestovo. It has the character of carp waters. There are certain principles and rules to follow when fishing. A fisherman has to have a fishing licence which allows him to fish legally in Slovakia. One can obtain the fishing licence at municipal councils or offices according to the region in which one wants to catch fish.

Fishing in Slovakia can be a little confusing, but with a guide or a little research you can have a wonderful trip and catch plenty of fish.

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