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Fishing in Spain

Spain is a country on the Iberian Peninsula, known for its excellent resorts on the Canary and Balearic Islands, Ibiza and Mallorca. But Spain is not only a paradise for lovers of sunbathing on the beach. This is a great place for fishing enthusiasts all year long. You can fish in the sea, in large warm lakes and in cold mountain rivers.

What kind of fish can be caught in Spain

Fishing in Spain can be described in one word - diverse. Unfortunately, lovers of classic winter fishing will not find enough water in Spain to satisfy their passion.

Spain is a warm country, by our standards. Even in winter, the temperature in the country rarely drops below +5 degrees.

Freshwater fishing in Spain occurs:

  • In mountain rivers (char, trout, brown trout, brown trout);
  • In lakes, reservoirs and rivers in the plain (a gigantic catfish, walleye, pike, perch, carp, bass, or American perch); and
  • Sea fishing takes place from a boat or the shore (fish needle, albacore, yampuga, tuna, as well as squid).

When you can fish for trophy fish in Spain

Fishing in Spain continues throughout the year with a break in the season of rain and storms, the peak of which is from January to February.

The season of freshwater trophy fishing really starts in March.

  • From March till October, you can catch catfish, carp, perch, perch, tuna, bass and pike;
  • From May to July, in the mountain rivers and lakes, you can catch salmon and trout.

Locations of fish in Spain and fishing methods

Freshwater fish are caught in flat lakes and reservoirs. The most famous of them are:

  • Lake Susquedo, Baells, Santa Ana, Boadella; and
  • the reservoirs: Ebro and Mequienza.

In the mountainous regions of the country, there are more than 1,000 cold rivers and lakes, where you can fish trout and salmon.

Sea fishing in Spain can occur all along the coast. The most productive fishing is considered to be on the Costa Brava and Costa del Sol.

For fishing, local and visiting fishermen use:

  • trolling - for fishing off the coast;
  • bottom gear, including feeder and picker - for coastal fishing on lakes and reservoirs;
  • float gear - to fish peaceful fish;
  • spinning - for predator fishing; and
  • fly fishing gear - for catching a predator in mountain rivers and lakes.

The most effective fishing methods for trophy fish in Spain are trolling and bottom fishing.

Rules and features of fishing in Spain

  1. Fishing in Spain is allowed if a fisherman has a license, which is sold in almost any store, bar, or gas station.
  2. In addition to the license, the fisherman will need a permit for fishing in a certain area, the price of which varies greatly depending on the chosen area, the type of pond and fish being targeted;
  3. With respect to fishing trout and salmon, the principle of “catch and release” is observed. Moreover, hooks should be single and beardless.

Fishing in Spain is almost always satisfactory. Spain is a country where they love and carefully preserve their bio resources, where they treat water bodies with the same care and kindness, as do the tourists visiting these water bodies.

When choosing fishing packages and fishing tours, the main thing is to immediately determine the place of fishing and the types of fish you intend to pursue.

We offer you the services of a personal guide and great tour organization. Fishing in Spain must be tried and experienced, as Spain deserves an unofficial title of the Fisherman’s Paradise.

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