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Fishing in the Maldives

The Maldives is a country in the Indian Ocean, located near the equator. It is a paradise with snow-white beaches, as if descended from a commercial of a world-famous chocolate. The archipelago includes 26 atolls, many of which are still not inhabited.

This is a really unique place to relax, but sooner or later, relaxation can become annoying. One of the options for outdoor activities in the Maldives is fishing.

The locals are skilled fishermen, usually people who make a living from fishing. Therefore, in almost every hotel, they offer, at the very least, an excursion tour on a boat, organized fishing in the Maldives near the coast or close to the coast of one of the uninhabited islands which belong to the archipelago.

What kind of fish can be caught in the Maldives

Fishing in the Maldives is:

  • Trophy fishing. In the waters of the archipelago, you can quite often find trophy sizes of marlin, sailfish, wahoo, tuna, dorado, caranx and barracuda.
  • Fishing among coral reefs. Coral reefs in these places are rich in fish, some of which are dangerous and poisonous; but traditionally, fishing includes reef sharks, moray eels or the well-known impeller. Mostly fishermen catch groupers, and there are more than 10 kinds of them, along with snappers (4 kinds);
  • Fishing small fish in mangrove forests and off the coast from a boat;

When to go fishing for trophy fish in the Maldives

This archipelago has summer all year long. The weather only deteriorates during the period of storms, which is why trophy fishing in the Maldives continues indefinitely.

  • Tuna, caranx and barracuda are actively caught year round;
  • Sailboat - November to March;
  • Marlin, dorado and wahoo - in a short period from January to February; and
  • Fish living in the reefs - all year long, as well as the inhabitants of mangrove forests.

Fishing in the Maldives, despite the changes in the weather, is always productive, especially when it comes to sedentary fish.

Locating fish in the Maldives and fishing methods

Migrating fish (sailfish tuna, marlin) are caught in the open sea using trolling.

Fish that live in coral reefs (groupers, snappers) are usually caught with bottom fishing or using spinning with heavy bait.

Fish living in mangrove forests are caught using spinning and fly fishing gear.

Coastal fishing in the Maldives is performed from a boat (coastal fishing is prohibited on most islands of the archipelago). But the service, which includes access to the sea by boat, a sightseeing tour, as well as morning and evening fishing in the Maldives is offered in almost every hotel.

Features of fishing in the Maldives

In this country, there are rules that regulate fishing:

  • It is forbidden to fish on inhabited islands without special permission from the administration.
  • Fishing is performed on reefs, sand banks and uninhabited islands.
  • Fishing is allowed on the reef of the main island of the country – Male.
  • Spearfishing is prohibited.
  • Shark killing is considered a criminal offense.
  • It is prohibited to use either nets or poisonous and explosive substances.

Fishing in the Maldives is just one of the few leisure options for tourists, but hundreds of people come here to take part in trophy hunting.

Fishing packages and fishing tours presented by our company will allow you to experience the beauty of this paradise, where summer never ends.

We will find a suitable personal guide for you who will be able to change your views on the rest of the equatorial zone and make your fishing in the Maldives unforgettable. No one comes back without trophies from the Maldives.

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