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Fishing in the Ukraine can seem out of reach to some people, but it is actually quite easy and the fishing is amazing. Licenses are required to go fishing in Ukraine – they cost Hr 30. But you can fish from the banks of the Dnipro River from the Moskovsky Bridge to the village of Ukrainka 50 km south of town, it’s free of charge. It’s legal to fish in most lakes and rivers, but it’s forbidden to fish from bridges, or under them, anywhere in the country. And no fishing from boats till June 13. Call the Kyiv State Inspection Service for Fishery Protection, Reproduction and Regulation (Vyshgorod, 11 Sholudenko, 296-54-854) and find out about the fishing rules at your chosen spot. Also, if you’re going spear-fishing anywhere, no scuba gear is allowed.

The Fisher’s Market at Dnipro metro station is your one-stop shop for every kind of fishing gear. Rods (vudychky), reels (kartushky), fishing line (leska), hooks, lures, vests, hip-waders and even boats, echo-locators and live bait can all be found in the kiosks. Some are covered, some are not, and they extend for about 200 meters right outside the metro, along the tram line heading back to Podil. Anglers take note: there are both pros and cons to shopping at the Kyiv Fisher’s Market. Among the pros: accessibility, low prices, the best selection in town, a friendly atmosphere, and lots of friendly, helpful advice. The cons? If you buy it and it breaks, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your money back. And forget about paying with plastic.

Need the latest hi-tech gear? Check out the Russian site, which has the most complete and well-laid out Website for fisherman looking to do a bit of early holiday shopping for everything from GPS locators to boats, depth finders and specialized tents.

Other places to gear up in Kyiv include Ibis (3 locations: 7 Druzhby Narodiv, 268-3782; 16 Lesi Ukrainky, 220-5980; 19 Tymoshenka, 414-5492) and Sport and Tourism. See “Fishing and Hunting” in the Kyiv Business Directory for more listings.

Program Manager Lubomyr Markevych of the UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Program has done extensive research on the waters of the Dnipro and Desna Rivers and says that if you’re going to fish in Kyiv, for heaven’s sake, stay on the Left Bank! The reasoning is simple: the waters of the Desna, which begins its flow north and east of Chernobyl, don’t actually mix with those of the Dnipro until far south of Kyiv, meaning it has little or none of the radioactive sediment of the Dnipro. As it is, most fishing in Ukraine centers on rivers flowing from the Carpathian Mountains, such as the Dniestr and the Southern Buh; on major rivers such as the Dnipro, Desna, or the Syversky Donets in Luhansk oblast; or in marshy areas surrounding the Crimean Peninsula. Other places worth checking out (winter or summer) are the Kanivsky Reservoir right near Kaniv, the final resting place of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, and the Kakhovksky Reservoir in southern Ukraine.

As for what you’ll find in these and other local rivers, it’s all pretty much the same, though you will have more luck finding bottom-feeding catfish (som) or carp further south or in the Dnipro. You’ll find lots of zander, pike (shchutka), sturgeon (osetr) and other sturdy river fish in most other spots. See the “Fish ‘n’ Tips” page of the oddly named English site for a good idea of what fish generally exist in Europe, where you’ll find them, and what should be used to land the suckers. When it comes to lake fishing in Ukraine, there are the Shatskikh Lakes near the confluence of the Belarusian and Polish borders, but they’re not like the well-stocked, easily accessible lakes across North America. While small, unnamed lakes abound in Ukraine (especially in the mountains and heavily forested areas), there are few large ones, and so most lake fishing tourism in Ukraine is centered on artificially stocked ponds. Ask a local to see if it’s worth dropping a line.

Some rafting and river tour companies can also organize expeditions strictly for fishing, but as far as dedicated fishing tour operators go, doing a little research on your own will get you most of the information that you will need. With a little homework, you will know where to go, what to bring, and where to go fishing. The web is your best friend here and it will also tell you which fish you’ll likely catch on various excursions. Enjoy everything that the Ukraine has to offer!

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