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My name is Sergey, I lived all my life in Buryatia and all my life I do fishing on Baikal. I am an entrepreneur and an avid fisherman and organizing fishing tours is, to some extent, a hobby for me, so I welcome guests as close friends, with soul and with proper hospitality. Everyone is satisfied with both trophy hunters and just lovers of relaxation in nature, of which we can truly be proud, since the Chivyrkuy Bay, the location of our fishing base, is one of the most generous places to catch, incredible views and natural nature. Come, we always welcome guests.
Experience:21 years
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Fishing tour "turnkey" on the great Lake Baikal in the most beautiful and generous catch area

WHY CHOOSE A BB FISH FISHING TOUR? INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL The fishing base BB Fish is located in one of the most picturesque corners of the great Lake Baikal, at the foot of the Svyatoy Nos Peninsula, in the Chivyrkuisky Bay. EXCELLENT FISHING Chivyrkuisky Bay is deservedly considered one of the best fishing corners of Lake Baikal - a varied catch, different types of fishing, many fish pools and a small number of tourists. RICH PROGRAM The tour program includes a variety of fishing, a field bath, campfire gatherings and sightseeing tours of the most beautiful places along the Svyatoi Nos Peninsula. COMFORTABLE ACCOMMODATION Accommodation at the base in large comfortable tents, with comfortable folding beds and the necessary amenities. In common use, a field bath and shower. ALL INCLUSIVE The tour includes a transfer from Ulan-Ude to the place there and back, accommodation, three meals a day, organized fishing, sightseeing tours of Lake Baikal, a boat, equipment and experienced instructors.
Duration: 7 days
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
The Republic of Buryatia