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Fishing in the Arkhangelsk Region

In the foothills of the Timan range, where untouched by civilization reigns nature, the Volonga River flows. Crystal clear water and a huge variety of fish is just a haven for avid anglers. Therefore, fishing in the Arkhangelsk region will be an amazing adventure! In the waters of Volongi there are such species of fish as pink salmon, whitefish, salmon, salmon, omul, brown trout, grayling and arctic char. Fishing in the Arkhangelsk region will give you an unforgettable experience. Fishing bases in the Arkhangelsk region are field camps equipped with everything needed for a good rest. Here you can combine the comfort of accommodation and the enjoyment of wildlife.
Duration: 7 days
Booking confirmation: 24 hours
Arkhangelsk Oblast
2 208 USD