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Willem B.
South Holland

About me
My name is Willem Beijeman. I was born on one of the many islands on the "Nieuwkoopse Plassen". One of the most beautiful lakes of the Netherlands. My father, a good fisherman, taught me and my two brothers the fishing skills. Starting with white fish and bream, which was later followed by pearch, pike and zander. As we were living on an island we have always been fishing from a boat. We could handle a boat sooner than riding a bike. Carp fishing in the summer has been a passion for quite some years. During winter it was predator time! Now days I am 100% committed to predator fishing. With my boat on one of the large lakes or rivers it is very exciting and every day it is different. Then again fishing for pike in one of the many polders with a baitcaster or jerkbait is wonderful as well. Next to the fact that I love fishing I am chairman of the Nieuwkoop fish association Vissersvereniging Nieuwkoop en Noorden I am also chairman of the carp commission and water quality and fish regulations commission. The passion for fishing is eminent and I would like to share the years of experience with you. Fishing is a great hobby but giving somebody the opportunity to catch fish is an art. I am looking forward to be meeting you at the waterfront, Willem Beijeman
Experience:52 years
Language skills
Dutch, Flemish