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Ilya N.
Portugal, Madeira

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I live in Portugal, the island of Madeira.
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Tour "Atlantic" 7 days. Group up to 4 people. 1st day of arrival - meeting at the airport, dinner at the restaurant. 2 days deep-sea fishing from the side of the boat (10 m) - 7 hours (drinks, sandwiches, included). Types of trophies: Pargo (Red Snapper), triggerfish, barracuda, grouper - grouper, sargo (sea bream), sea parrot. Fishing area of ​​Cabo Girao. 3 day Excursion to Funchal, the historic part of the city, cable car, botanical park, wine tasting Madeira at the factory. 60 euros per group (tickets + guide services) 4. day - fishing jigging. Boat 10 meters 7 hours fishing, fishing area Ponto de Pago. (beer, sandwiches, wine included) Trophies: Wahoo, big-eyed tuna, Dorado. 5. Day - sightseeing tour around the island of Madeira by car. Includes a stop in the relic laurel forest with the preparation on laurel branches of the traditional Maderian shish kebab - eshtetady, visiting the traditional home of the islanders in Santana, visiting Sao Lorenzo - the eastern end of the island, a stop for bathing is possible. 160 euros for 3 people (included, meat for eshpethad, wine, food, car rental with chauffeur, petrol). For a larger group, the price is specified. Day 6 - fishing with jigging and casting. Area of ​​fishing is the island of Ponta de Pago. Trophies: large grouper, wahoo, tuna, Red Snapper, Amberjack. barracuda. Day 7 - breakfast transfer to the airport.   Additional costs: 60 euros transfer from the airport and back. (Up to 4 people)  The tour does not include: a \ tickets, hotel, food - except as stipulated.
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 48 hours
2 600 USD