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Aleksandr A.
Volgograd Oblast

About me
Hello, nature and thrill lovers. My name is Alexander, I am obsessed with fishing and fond of extreme sports. I am mainly engaged in spinning, searching and catching trophy fish with artificial lures. I am at the Eko-port base located in the Astrakhan region, between Volgograd and Astrakhan. The tour program includes: 1. Search for catching pike perch, pike on a heavy jig. The size of these powerful fish reaches 15 kg, and the size of the teeth can be compared with the reptiles from the movie "Jurassic Park". 2. Catching a white predator (Chub, Asp, Ide) on the strong current of the Volga rifts and braids. The bites of these fish will be remembered for a lifetime, and you will also feel the full power of the mighty Russian river. All you need to do is hold the spinning rod in your hands. 3. Finding a catfish, this exciting activity requires patience and physical strength). You can see my photos on Instagram: annenkov4.
Experience:23 years
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Unforgettable adventures in the city of Volgograd

A trip on a fishing boat from the city of Volgograd to Astrakhan...
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
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