International fishing trip booking service

Дмитрий С.
Astrakhan Oblast

Experience:28 years

Fishing and spearfishing in the Lower Volga.

I invite everyone to go fishing and spearfishing. The guest house has 2 triple rooms, a combined bathroom, large kitchen-dining room, satellite TV, karaoke, split-system, hot-cold water supply, freezers. In the administrative house on the 2nd floor there is a 3-bed guest room with a bathroom. There is a sauna on the wood, SLIP, BBQ, smokehouse, open veranda, free parking. The house is located on the bank of the river Kirovsky, Kamyzyaksky district, Astrakhan region. Fleet: 4 plastic boats with Yamaha engines 60-70 hp and a motor boat Crimea with Yamaha motor 30 (without a hunter 1500 r.). Accommodation - 1000 r / h. Meals 3 meals a day-1500 r / h (homemade cuisine). Sauna - 1000 r / hour (up to 6 people). Rent a boat with the hunter- 3500 r. (in the boat 2 people). Fuel and lubricants after the fact.
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
Astrakhan Region