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Tydon the Grayling

tour "Taydon chariuzovy" - is the rest and fishing in the Siberian taiga on the river Taydon, (mountain river, right tributary of the river Tom, Krapivinsky district. Kemerovo region.) Water in the river is suitable for drinking. As part of the tour, sport grayling (fish of the salmon family) is foreseen. Grayling fishing is planned. As part of these tours, the fishermen with a guide pass a section of a mountain river, from the mouth to the buffer zone of the Kuznetsky Alatau reserve, on a high-speed jetboat. Also offered VIP tour to the buffer zone of the reserve, with the registration of the relevant permits. The passage of these sections is extreme, causing a storm of emotions and an excess of adrenaline. All this is accompanied by stunning views of wild taiga, clean air and crystal river water.
Duration: 3 days
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
Kemerovo Region

Tom Taiga

Fishing Tour "Tom Taiga" This is a picturesque place in the valley of the Tom River, from the village. Zelenogorsky, to the village of Ust-Naryk. (The Kemerovo Region). The length of the route is 260 km. The cleanest taiga air, stunning views of the wild nature of Kuzbass, do not leave anyone indifferent, especially those who visit these regions in the first. Interest of anglers in the first place, here it is possible to catch the legendary fish - taimen, the owner of the taiga Tom. In these parts, the taimen inhabits the whole year, except for the spawning season, when this representative of freshwater salmon rises to the mountain tributaries. The size of the local taiga is not inferior to their counterparts inhabiting the rivers of the same Yakutia. The main difficulty in capturing the trophy taimen in Tomi is its high water content and large water area, which makes it difficult to find fish and assumes the presence of a serious fishing experience. Another thing trophy pike, the amount of which can surprise even the experienced angler. Instances of toothy in 5-7 kg. here the usual thing, as well as perches weighing 500-800gr., which everywhere show a fascinating performance "boiling pot." The river Tom in these parts shows its mountain character, periodically spilling over the rapid rocky rolling, on which it is possible to practice successfully in catching grayling.
Duration: 4 days
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
Kemerovo Region
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