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Антон Л.
Kamchatka Krai

Experience:15 years

South tour to the bay Listvenichnoy.

This is a universal, five-day, fishing tour along the southeastern coast of Kamchatka, on large, high-speed, exclusive boats. In which you can fish in the ocean, rivers and lakes. Spend the night in tents on the banks of the most beautiful bays and rivers. Cook your catch and enjoy the taste of your freshly caught fish sitting by the fire. You will be able to see killer whales, whales, sea lions, seals, bears, many different birds. You can try to catch in the sea: halibut, cod, pollock, green rasp, blue Pacific perch, flounder, steers. Crab Kamchatsky, strigun, hairy. And in the rivers there is char, sesame, pink salmon, chum salmon, sockeye, salmon, chinook salmon.
Duration: 5 days
Booking confirmation: 48 hours
Kamchatka Krai
3 177 USD