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Bula, Welcome to Game Fish Hunter Charters. Our fishing services encompass 4 Core fishing services namely trawling, popping, jigging and deep dropping . However we also tailor make our charters to clients Needs and desires. Here at the Game fish Hunters HQ, It’s all about bonding with our clients over the mutual love for fishing. Our experienced captains and guides will not only put you on fish but give you tips are tricks on how to be a better fisherman in general. Whether it’s technique when casting poppers to fighting big fish in from the deep, we’ve got you covered. Location of fishing is very Flexible. While our Boat is located in suva our Hots Spots are in Great Barrier Reef of Beqa and also Nasalai Waters & Bencher Rocks. In terms of trawling gear we have, Penn Internationals,  Shimano tld 25’s/50’s and Shimano Tiagras to get the Job done. We target tuna, wahoo, Spanish mackerels, sailfish and marlin on request. We do Popping For Gaint Trevally , Bluefin Trevally, Yellow Fin Tuna, Boha snapper, large grouper and hunphead wrasse. We also target a large range of other predatory reef fish. While we usually have some popping equipment we can arrange Stella’s and Saragosas for fisherman looking to fish high end gear. This includes our onboard tackles hop where we sell handmade poppers and stickbaits of all different qualities, values and dimension We specialize in Jigging DogTooth Tuna, Amber jacks, and grouper at the Edge of the Reefs and Trenches. We also traditional handline Reef Fishing and Deep Drops where we target red snappers and PakaPaka using electric Reels. We can arrange Pickups.  Refreshment, lunch water and softdrinks will be provided. Suva is Highly Developed City with Many Classic Hotels and great accommodation flexible to most budgets. We can help book accommodation or any transfers If you need an further information regarding our charters and we will can clarify the details for you. KIND Regards The GFH Crew
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Bula, Welcome to the game “Fish Hunters”. Our fishing services cover 4 main fishing services, namely trawling, pushing, catching. However, we also adapt our charters to the needs and desires of customers. Here at Game Fish Hunters headquarters, it’s about getting closer to our customers because of the mutual love of fishing. Our experienced captains and guides will not only help you catch the fish, but also give you tips on how to become the best fisherman in general. Be it a technique when throwing poppers to fight big fish from the depths. Fishing place can be chosen. While our Boat is in Suva, our popular points are on the Great Barrier Reef in Beka, as well as in the Nasalai waters and cliffs. As for trawling gear, we have Penn Internationals, Shimano Tld 25/50 and Shimano Tiagras to do the job. We target tuna, wahoo, Spanish mackerel, sailfish and marlin on request. We are dedicated to a wide range of other predatory reef fish. While we usually have some sort of cleaning equipment, we can arrange Stella and Zaragoza for a fisherman who wants to fish for the highest class. This includes our onboard tackle hop, where we sell handmade poppers and fishing rods of different qualities, values and sizes. We specialize in jigging DogTooth Tuna, amber jacks and perches on the edge of reefs. We also do traditional reef fishing where we catch redfish using electric coils. We can arrange pickups. Snacks, lunch and soft drinks will be provided. Suva is a highly developed city with many classic hotels and excellent accommodation suitable for most budgets. We can help you book your accommodation or any transfers. If you need more information about our charter flights, and we can specify the details for you. Regards, Crew
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