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Snapper (Pink)

Fishing for Pink Snapper

Pink snapper would have to be one of the most highly sought after offshore fish species in Australia thanks to their fine table qualities and incredibly good looks. Pinkies are not a member of the snapper family as their name suggests and are actually members of the sea bream genus.  Pink snapper are not only famous for their good looks and fine eating qualities but also their fighting abilities once hooked. Both boat and shore based anglers alike can enjoy the thrill of hooking pinkies from many popular locations around Australia with solid fish to over a meter being regularly taken by experienced anglers.Australian pink snapper numbers are considered to be extremely healthy at present and should be maintained to ensure that this remains the case for many generations to come!Pink snapper can be located from as far west as the Monte Bello Island group in Western Australia right across the bottom end of the continent up into southern Queensland in the east making them one of the most widely spread, highly sort after species in the country.Pink snapper grow to around 18kg in weight and reach sexual maturity at around 30 – 35cm in length. A typical sized pinkie is around 3 – 4kg in most locations.Pink snapper can be found throughout a large variety of areas from reef, sand, mud and man made structures such as wrecks and jetties to beaches, rock walls and cliffs. Preferred water depths ranging from 6 – 200 meters are also a good indication of the wide range of this popular species. Smaller, juvenile fish are generally encountered in estuary systems and shallow weed beds.Pink snapper can be easily recognised by their Pink to red body colouration which also has bright aqua green spots mixed through the upper half. Juvenile fish are round or pan shaped with larger specimens proving to be much longer with a hard, lump of bone protruding from the forehead of the fish and also around the mouth and nose of much older fish. There are blue hues present on the anal and tail fins of some specimens and the bright aqua spots seem to fade with age to a white or cream colour. Pink snapper are a visually stunning species to admire! They are beautiful fish and any angler will enjoy the adventure of catching them.

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