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Handline fishing is an old and primitive way of fishing that has been in use for centuries. While it is best suited for smaller fish, many people find quite the adrenaline rush fighting large fish with nothing but their hands. Modern fishing tackle has the big advantage of having a reel with mechanical drag and a flexible rod, making landing a fish much easier. A hand line, which is essentially just a single fishing line, has none of these advantages and makes landing a fish a lot tougher. This challenge and change from usual fishing are what draws anglers to this method. 

While handline fishing can be considered more difficult than modern fishing, it does offer some advantages. There is very little equipment required to get started, so it can be very affordable and you do not have to worry about breaking your equipment such as reels, rods, or any tackle. All that you need is a line, a hook, and a sinker. 

One of the greatest parts of handline fishing is being able to feel the power of a fish as you are fighting them. There is nothing between you and a fish but the fishing line. As you pull a fish in, you can feel every little thing that is going on from the initial strike to the direction a fish is pulling. These factors make handline fishing a very unique experience that you can never get with a traditional fishing pole.

To get started, it is important to have a handline fishing rig. It is very simple and very quick to put together. If you are already a fisherman, you will probably have all the necessary equipment to get started. First you need a spool. A spool is what holds your fishing line, and can be something as simple as a small piece of wood or a soda can. Next you will need around 20 yards of heavy fishing line. While you may not need too heavy of line for the type of fish you are catching, you have to remember there is no rod or reel with drag to help fight the fish, so a little heavier is better. Next get the right hooks, weights, and bobbers. Last but not least, a pair of gloves is recommended. While optional, a pair of gloves will help you grip the line and stops the line from cutting into your hand while you are fighting a fish. 

Whatever type of fish you are fighting can give you the fight of a lifetime while handline fishing. While a simple method, it can take a few tries to get the hang of in order to land your fish. You must be quick to set the hook and control your line as to not break off a fish while bringing him in. Every angler should try this method to try and hone their skill and to mix it up. Most will be very surprised at just how much fun it can be! 

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