International fishing trip booking service

Matthieu R.

Package Sensation fishing 3 days 2 night carp & catfish

Fishing in the south of France in French rivers and lakes. Provided by: Guide assistance, Accommodation, Pendants, Equipment and gear at the top of the range, Transport, Smartphone (Possibility to download the phone to a mobile phone) I will take you to great places for fishing, in search of wild fish in the Tarn department, as well as in other relatives rivers such as Lot, Aveyron or Garonne. For those who are passionate about fishing for fresh water, this is a unique opportunity to discover strong sensations, feel a strong adrenaline rush, this is just for you. Just an outstanding experience. Fishing will allow you to discover a rich and diverse aquatic environment, as well as the beauty of places!
Duration: 3 days
Booking confirmation: 24 hours