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FISHING IS OUR WORK AND PASSION, COME TO CATCH BIG FISH WITH US ! Fishing guide for 8 years, keen of jigging and popping for 15 years !!! Nothing more to say, just come and see !
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Walpole - Huge doggies session

Walpole Island is one of the best place in the world to chase the biggest fishes, very few boats go in this wild area. However, going to Walpole is not an easy trip because we may have windy days. Thus, we advise to plan at least a whole week for this special trip. We offer our customers to stay at home for free for one or two nights depending on the weather window. Indeed, it may be better to postpone the trip for one or two days to choose the best departure day to Walpole. This amazing trip starts from Noumea at 3 pm; we cruise overnight to Walpole (around 17h cruise).
Duration: 5 days
Booking confirmation: 48 hours
14 270 USD