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Tomsk Oblast

Tour Lake Vasilyevo

WE INVITE FISHERS AND ALL WILDLIFE LOVERS! Fishing and hunting for real pros in the far taiga! Organized holidays on Lake Vasilyevo in the Tomsk Region. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- 👣👣THE ROUTE👣👣 We begin with a magnificent walk from the village of Togur, we ride on the floating swamp “Prostor” along the most impassable places to the lake. Vasilievo. 💤In place: comfortable, warm Wooden house with a free capacity of 6 people, hiking bath. 2 boats. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------— Guaranteed catch, silence, peace and tranquility. A comfortable trip to the most inaccessible and very beautiful places! This you will not get anywhere else! Cost: 3000 rubles / day / person. Duration: from 3 days and more Location: Vasilievo Lake, Tomsk Region, Kolpashevsky District. Composition: 4-6 vacationers and 2 escorts Food: all the variety of any cuisine, vacationers take with themselves Our site: https: // all-terrain vehicle-prostor.rf/relaxation Join our group!
Duration: 3 days
Booking confirmation: 8 hours
Tomsk region