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Kaliningrad Oblast

Fishing with a guide in the Kaliningrad region

The nature of the Kaliningrad region is diverse and unique. Many people go to the Kaliningrad region to arrange a gastronomic tour and try the local fish, here it is for every taste. Stroganina, fried smelt, tender rumbling cod slices in a frying pan ... But the very west of Russia is worth visiting not only to satisfy your taste needs, but also to fish. Fishing in the Kaliningrad region is excellent: the sea, two large bays, many lakes and a dense river network (the most dense in Europe, by the way). Each type of fishing, be it sea, river or bay, has its own characteristics. But first about the reservoirs and about the fish that live in them. The Kaliningrad region is washed by the Baltic Sea on both sides, the main fish species that are popular with amateur fishermen are cod, flounder, herring and garfish. Where there is no sea, there are bays - Kaliningrad with brackish water and freshwater Curonian. Here fishermen mainly hunt pike perch, bream, perch, and eel. Fishing on lakes and rivers is no less exciting. The main fish species are pike, catfish, roach, chub, burbot, crucian carp. There are also such fish, which if you meet in other regions, but not often. They are vimba, which is caught mainly in the Sheshupa River, as well as Baltic whitefish and vendace, which live in Lake Vishtynets. Our team is ready to organize a fishing tour for predatory fish such as pike perch, perch, catfish, asp, pike.
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Kaliningrad region