International fishing trip booking service

Aleksey П.

Fishing with a professional fishing guide at the Ivankovsky Reservoir.

Fishing for me is not just a hobby or a way to make money - this is my life. I spend on the water more than 250 days a year. I have been fishing since early childhood. At first I caught it with a float, a donka, and then I became interested in spinning. The current fisherman is an athlete, the silver medalist of the League of Professional Fishermen. I catch a lot when traveling around Russia and abroad. I like to catch a jig very much, I catch it well on wobblers. I have a higher pedagogical education, I teach and I constantly improve myself in the fishing craft. Come, catch fish, who can't catch, I'll tell you everything, show you, teach you. If you are an experienced fisherman, come and share your experience, and of course, go fishing well. I work as a guide at Ivankovo Reservoir for many seasons from May to October. The boat, on which I offer my services, is equipped with the latest fishing and navigation equipment. Gears are selected so that you get the most out of fishing. Come, all waiting!
Duration: 1 day
Booking confirmation: 48 hours
Tver region